Social media marketing

Social media marketing is the process of creating content for social media platforms to promote your products and/or services, build community with your target audience, and drive traffic to your business.

Purpose Statement

The social media marketing industry is booming rapidly, because of globalization and digital marketing strategies.

Social media marketing is a form of digital marketing, that offers marketing of products and services of every domain. The introduction of the Internet offered a variety of services for every sector, one of them being social media marketing, as digital marketing leads and opportunities.  Sales, presales, promotions, branding, and advertisements all are promoted on social media platforms.

Social media platforms work as a medium for marketing and promotional events, as social media platforms enable different companies to target their audience related to their specific product and services. These platforms also provide leads to their customers guides through their official pages, blogs& business articles too, and also guides through online traffic of different companies. Social media marketing is very useful in brand promotions and maintaining good relations with their customers through emails, websites, and chat options as well, also get valuable online feedback from their customers.

Social media marketing offers some specific strategies to build the brand value of products and services online.

Target audience: Multi-national and small enterprise companies generally target their audiences according to their product and services.

Brand: Brand importance is also a main feature of approaching customers online, about their customer’s view of the product.

Content creation: The content of the product & services also matters the most, as directly influences the customer, with the choice of words used in promotional and advertisement pages.

Quality of the product: The quality of the products also attracts the customer with its silent features and benefits.

Strategy: Online promotion strategies are very important, to counter competitors in the market, and find out the unique ways of branding the exact product and services.

Different types of social media marketing

Content Marketing: Content marketing is creating or sharing different types of content for a specific audience in the form of newsletters, white papers, blogs, and videos to target potential customers.

Influence Marketing: Influence marketing is a type of marketing to influence the customer with different endorsements about the product.

Social media advertising: Social media advertising is a type of marketing that is used to publish and promote the product on different social platforms in the form of Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn pages.

Social media engagement: Social media engagement defines the interests of the customers towards products and services.

Social media engagement & advertising plays a potent role in customer feedback and opinions. Customers are always looking for quality than the quantity of the product, as they compare the product and services with their competitors, and how much beneficial the product is from another. All these engagements with customers are part of retaining customers and acquiring new customers through social media platforms and pages. Social media has become an integral part of marketing in this world of globalization, and social interactions with customers in the form of email marketing, and website generation are getting popular worldwide.

Conclusion: Social media marketing is very essential for the growth of the company to get an online presence and to showcase their product and services.

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