Simplifying SEO Terms – Search Engine Operation Terms

Simplifying SEO terms – There are several terms used during Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), as tabulated below. Let us understand some of the major terms and clarify on the Search Engine Operation (SEO) jargon.

Term no.Term name
Term 1Anchor text
Term 2Link
Term 3Inbound link
Term 4Outbound link
Term 5Backlink

Search Engine Operation Term 1 – Anchor Text

Is the term or text used in any blog, which is hyperlinked to another page of the same or different website. This text is normally highlighted in blue text, and by placing the cursor over this text, and clicking, we are connected to the hyper linked website. Click here, the term “here” is an anchor text, and we can get instant access to the Youtube channel.

Search Engine Operation Term 2 – Link

Link is a connection used to link our blog to another website. This is facilitated by hyperlinking relevant term or text to another website, and enables the reader to get instant access to the relevant website for more information by just one click.

Search Engine Operation Term 3 – Inbound link

Is the term or text used in a blog, which is hyperlinked to a different page of the same website. For eg. If this is hyperlinked to another content of this website (Ipub pro), this link is an In-bound link. Additional information can be sough instantly from the linked webpage of the same website Eg. Click here to read more on the above topic.

Search Engine Operation Term 4 – Outbound link

Unlike the above, if this is linked to another website altogether this text or term is called as an outbound link. Similar to the inbound link, this link also provides the user to instantly access relevant webpage of some different website. Click here, we get instantly connected to an outbound LinkedIn website.

Search Engine Operation Term 5 – Backlink

This indicates that this blog is linked to webpage of another website, and is an outbound link of that webpage.

Hope the above text has helped you to understand the simplified SEO terms.

For more details on further used terms in SEO, you can click here.

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