In this article we shall be discussing about what is an SEO and the important elements for writing great SEO friendly blogs. These are some of the vital terms that are crucial and to be kept in mind before we start to write a blog.

What is an SEO?

The term SEO simply means ‘Search Engine Optimization’ and is a tool or a process which is mainly used for aiding in the visibility on the internet platforms like Google, Microsoft Bing, and other search engines. For e.g. when you sell a product online, any services you provide, or share information on topics you have in depth knowledge of.

In other words, the aim of a SEO is to help in attracting an adequate mass of visitors who will become the potential buyers or customers, clients or audience for your service or content.

Important elements for writing SEO friendly blogs

Anchor Text- An anchor text is a link that is blue in color and is clickable and which appears in the hyperlink. You can also enhance it by underlining it to give it a more defined look. Anchor text gives the indication to the users, what page they will be taken to if they click on it.

Why is anchor text important?

An anchor text is important because when you have a good and relevant anchor text it increases and improves the ranking of your websites on Google. It also enhances the experience of the user. The search engines and readers both use anchor text to find out what a linked page is about. So, a relevant anchor text aids Google algorithm understands your website and provides it with more information on how different pages are related to each other. E.g. If anchor text ‘Best Hotels’ tells Google that opens is about the best hotels.

An anchor text when added must be descriptive since it gives a complete idea to the reader or visitor about the link as in the case of Best hotels. Whereas an abrupt ‘click here’ anchor text is too direct and gives less to almost zero information to the reader about where this link is going to take them.

Types of Anchor Text-

Branded- In a branded anchor text only the brand name is used as an anchor text without any other words. Branded anchor text works well when you’re citing a source or linking directly to a website.

For e.g. Use  for publishing your blogs

Naked Link- Is an anchor text where the link’s URL is used as the anchor text. You will usually find these links at the bottom of the page in the articles as reference links. For e.g. . It is advised to use a naked link only when it is required as it might look messy and confusing to the readers.

Generic- Generic anchor text does not include any keywords or reference. The visitors or readers will have to read the previous text to understand the whole information. For e.g. “Click here” to know more, “find more info” etc.

A link that connects everything

A link is a hyperlink that helps users to navigate the pages on the internet. It is a clickable object on a webpage or site that takes a user from one page to another. There are different types of links such as internal link, External Link, Natural Link, Manually obtained Links, Self-created Links.

Internal Link- Internal links are links that navigate a user to another webpage of the same domain. These types of links allow a reader to stay on your page for a longer time as they explore and are redirected to your own webpage. It increases the authority and authenticity of your website and contributes to ranking of your webpages.

Understanding the External Link

External links are also called as outbound link and are highly vital in the ranking of your website. An external link happens when the links point to pages on other domains.

Tracing the trails through Backlink

Backlinks are the links which are created when one website links to another.

Backlinks are very valuable for SEO because it creates confidence from one site to another. Backlink to our own website provides the signal or genuine information to the search engines. If many sites link to the same page, the search engines can recognize that the content is worth linking to. So, getting a backlinks can have a positive effect on the ranking, position, and search visibility of the site.

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