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Get rid of pesticides in a herbal way

Pests are the main cause of getting infected with normal health issues. It can also make you and your
loved ones sick and unhealthy frequently. Pesticides are hazardous to our health and cause small
infections, especially in small children and aged people.
We should always maintain standard hygiene and cleanliness in our homes and workplaces.
Hygiene is the most important and we should not ignore.
Shree Pest Control Services is an acclaimed and widely used herbal Pest Control service. We offer
domestic accommodations, commercial complexes, business places, hotels, companies, schools, and
colleges. We help to maintain standard hygiene and cleanliness in a way.
Make your place a safe place to stay and work

Our services are purely based on organic sprays and pests which are 100% safe. You need not keep
your place closed for hours and hours to get the accurate effect of the service.

One of the Customer’s top-rated pest control services in Pune

We are glad and proud to update you that our customer satisfaction is at the Top. We have been
continuously leading in a Customer Satisfaction Survey for the last few years. Below graph will give
you an idea about our services and customer satisfaction.
We call our customers and get genuine feedback from them. We keep a record of such feedback and
work on them if there are any suggestions. We maintain a relationship with our customers to
connect with us anytime

Reduce the Risk of Infection and hazardous pests

As we provide 100% herbal services, there is no risk to your health. It is also a smell-free spraying
and herbal dots. We offer the product and services created at our own organic farm. Our all
products are tested, approved, and recognized by “Pune Municipal Corporation Health
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What makes us the best pest control company in Pune?

As we are bound for taking care of our respected customers, we do not compromise on service and
quality products. That is the main reason that we have been achieving the first rank in pest control
services in Pune.
 100% Herbal way
 Smell Free & Non-poisonous

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 Monthly Visits, observations, and services
 Reasonable Monthly, half-yearly, and yearly subscription plans
 Top-rated Customer Satisfaction according to a recent yearly Survey
 Special offers and plans for companies and business complexes
 20% flat discounts for schools and colleges
 24/7 support
 Online Feedback Portal – Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSAT)
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. How much time it takes to get pest control services services done for 2 BHK Flat?
    Answer – It depends on the area of your flat/plot. We approximately complete the average
    area within a couple of hours.
  2. What would be the exact procedure of your pest control service?
    Answer – We come with our team and look at the condition of the pests and then use herbal
    dots or spray to take the severity of the available pests at your place.
  3. Do we need to close our house for some hours after your service?
    Answer – Not at all…! We use 100% Herbal products. It is safe and non-poisonous.
  4. Is your service available in Lonavala?
    Answer – Yes. We can come there with a prior 2 days service confirmation.
  5. Is there any special discount for Hotels and Dining Halls?
    Answer – Yes. We have great offers for big hotels and dining halls. Please refer our broacher
    for more details and best offers.
  6. Can we keep our babies at home after pest control services, as I have 2 small babies at
    Answer – Yes. There is no issue at all. As it is smell-free, Herbal, and non-poisonous.
  7. Do you also offer services for Farm Houses and Grain Warehouses?
    Answer – Yes.
  8. We have a lot of cockroaches at our kitchen table these days. Are there any effective and
    guaranteed services for these cockroaches?
    Answer – Yes. We have a special formula for such kinds of cockroaches. We always
    guarantee the services and products we use. We also provide free services if the issue is not
    completely resolved.
  9. What would be the annual service charges?
    Answer – We have a special discount on an annual subscription. It is calculated according to
    your area. We are offering special 20% discounts for Hotels and Business Complexes. Please
    refer our broachers for the best offers. Please contact us for more information about the
  10. Can you please provide your procedure Broachers and Plan details?
    Answer – Please WhatsApp us to get the details or simply drop us a message and we
    will get back to you shortly.
  11. Does your pest control services comes with any warranty?
    Answer – Yes. our pest control services comes with a warranty which we disclose after inspection.

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