Should alcohol usage be controlled

Alcohol is a toxic substance, its consumption is routine for many. Alcohol is beneficial or not is a topic of debate. Drinkers affect their families, relatives, and society. Alcohol consumption is addictive, both psychologically and physically. 

Alcohol is affecting the generation, taking 3 million lives each year globally. The global burden of disease (5.1%) is due to the harmful use of alcohol. Premature mortality and disability are risk factors. People are overlooking the health and social damage caused by drinking. Alcohol consumption causes injuries like road accidents, violence, and suicide and affects the mental health of the drinker too. (WHO) 

According to S.Aggrawal.(2020). Alcohol is toxic and tonic. When alcohol intake is a moderate amount, it cures the heart and circulatory disease, while when taken in a heavy amount, it leads to death. The use of alcohol has also increased with a boost in globalization. The demand for alcohol needs to be reduced both legally and illegally Drinkers have a higher risk of liver, stomach, and nervous system damage.

The effect of alcohol depends on the amount you intake and the type of alcohol you consume. On the one hand, a moderate amount leads to health benefits. On the other hand, it’s become addictive and toxic when you drink a heavy amount. Alcohol’s primary ingredient is ethanol, which makes you drunk. It makes you end up doing things you would not do. (A. Arnarson,2018).

According to National Institute on Alcohol abuse and alcoholism, For some people drinking is a way to relax. Excess consumption leads to alcohol use disorders. Alcohol abuse is a pattern of drinking that results in periodic adverse consequences. Drinkers harm others consciously or non-consciously. 

Alcohol harms all areas of life. It should control on time. Estimate the amount, then track your drinks, limit your per-day intake and stick to it. Follow more ways to reduce your alcohol use. (N. Gregory,2022)

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