Should alcohol usage be controlled

Should alcohol usage be controlled?

Alcohol has been in use for ages. Alcohol is good or bad is a prevalent debate. The role of alcohol consumption has revolutionized overages.

 Alcohol has its advantages and disadvantages depending on the course of its consumption. According to Joshi (2022), strict criteria are mentioned in ancient literature for the use of alcohol. The person’s health, body type, and proper manner of consumption need to be assessed before consuming alcohol. In optimal amounts, it kindles digestion and induces sound sleep. Hence alcohol at the appropriate dose is a benefit to the health.

 Alcohol has a dark side that damages the natural ecosystem of the body. As per Arnarson (2018), heavy alcohol use shows serious issues in health like liver cirrhosis, impaired brain functions, obesity, heart issues, and diabetes mellitus. According to the World Health Organisation, 3 million deaths take place due to alcohol.

      Alcohol harms all areas of life. According to Recovery Centres of America (2022), it is crucial to counsel patients on the psychological damage alcohol causes to mental health. The above observations conclude alcohol has a strong potency to interfere with physiology and cause severe damage to the system. The ill effects of alcohol and its irreversible damage are recorded globally.

     The huge demand for alcohol from different sectors is a reason for its availability and supply. According to Thompson (2022), a study performed by the National Survey on drug use and health reported that 84.6% of people aged 18 and elderly had alcohol once. According to Critchlow N. (2021), youth are the centers for research in alcohol marketing. Alcohol marketing and branding gained momentum. Digital platforms are highly utilized to reach the target audience making alcohol a desirable and tempting commodity. Considering its merit in medicinal dose and demerits on heavy consumption are indications to take a proper perspective on its optimal use.

The demand, its instant availability, and the normalizing of the practice of alcohol usage are rooted in society. Self-awareness and social responsibility are essential. Optimal use and rules are okay to accept. The overuse and non-required consumption need to be monitored. Awareness among youth, encouraging government campaigns, and a healthy environment can help people on a broad spectrum. Communication, Counselling, and rehabilitation centers are worth options to explore for people struggling with addiction.

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