Should Alcohol Usage Be Controlled?

Alcoholic beverages have been used by humans for many years and since the beginning debates about their advantages and disadvantages have been there.

Alcohol is defined as a toxic substance which produces addiction and dependence (world health organization). The dependence and addiction associated with the drink leads to over usage and over consumption of the same. True knowledge about side effect of hackneyed alcohol is not very well known by a lot of researchers (mayo clinic, 2021).

Based on research, some say alcohol causes health problems and complicated diseases while some stand in the favor of its consumption, calling it beneficial for human heart. The amount of alcohol that one can consume in order to remain healthy is one of the major awareness issues which needs constant attention. Taking alcohol in massive quantities can lead to hypertension and several other cardiovascular diseases (British heart foundation)

Centre for disease control tells us about the appropriate range of consumption of alcohol in adults. (Centers for disease control and prevention, 2022) It says that it is absolutely safe for men to consume 2 drinks in a day and 1 drink in a day for women. Every time drinking goes beyond this range is considered as over usage.

Addiction to it causes harm not only to the consumer’s health but also leads to a lot of emotional damage to their families and friends. WHO confirms that alcohol has been a part of a daily routine for more than 10 thousand million people all around the world. (World health organization)

Park says that India has been deeply affected by the western culture of drinking and it has become so common that people no longer consider it as a drug (Park, 2005). India earns an annual revenue of 216 billion by alcohol production and sales (Raguram, 1997).

With increased globalisation and usage of alcohol openly and casually has raised several health and social concerns among people. Therefore, a control on the usage shall be made both legally and illegally.

There have been several assumptions regarding different kinds of alcoholic drinks. Some call wine a healthy drink while some find whiskey better. It has been scientifically proven that all the alcoholic drinks when taken in access contribute to poor health an none has an advantage over the other (british heart foundation).

Enjoying alcoholic drinks in a controllable manner has been quite a task for most of the people. There are several rules and suggestions set out by the top researchers about consuming alcohol in a way that might cause lesser health issues. It has been believed that eating something before drinking alcohol might lead to lower health risks (link, 2019). Apart from this, having a non-alcoholic drink after every alcoholic drink is also said to be beneficial and may control the urge to drink more. Setting up a limit for yourself and sticking to it I the best way for alcohol consumption.

“ the less you drink, the lower your risk of harm from alcohol” (NHMRC, 2020)


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