Should Alcohol Usage Be Controlled?

Alcohol has a powerful impact on the brain, it gives relaxing feelings over stress, tension and depression. So people get attracted and drink more to achieve high level of relaxing feelings.(NIH)

Crime rates were directly or indirectly related to the level of consumption of alcohol. Circumstances and evidence of crimes indicates the violent behavior of culprits who are over drunk. (T. Myer 1986)

Alcohol beverages have been used by people for a long time. Rate of consumption of alcohol is very high in the whole world. Over time excessive use of alcohol can be seen everywhere. Use of alcohol is always the subject of concern and debates with respect to tonic and toxic nature for the human body.

Level of alcohol consumption has emerged as a major concern for society. It needs human rights to control excessive use and spread awareness among the society. (MCCabe center for law and Cancer)

Rate of consumption of alcohol is very high all over the world but  in many countries it is not considered an offence by the legislative rules. Central Institute of Psychiatry Ranchi submitted that In India many people who admitted were diagnosed with alcohol dependence syndrome. However alcohol can be used as a  medicine It provides health benefits to the circulatory system, heart and type II diabetes. (Saddichha 2010)

Use of alcohol without regulations leads to many critical issues in society and it’s a global concern. Teenagers and young adults who got addicted suffered more issues related to mental and physical health as well as their careers.

Many people start consuming alcohol to overcome the stress/tension and slowly become addicted. This addiction snatches everything from them. In case addicted people suddenly stop drinking they experience physical, mental and emotional traumas.

In today’s world many crimes are witnessed and 90% of all crimes are linked to people who were over drunk or having traces of alcohol in their body. After consuming alcohol people lose control and become violent in behaviour. 

In societies, the addicted population is increasing and this has led to domestic violence. Addicted people do not pay any attention towards family and their well being.

More utilisation of alcohol is associated with less awareness and lack of education among the people. In countries like India alcohol is served at every occasion without any boundations, to overcome the situations of excessive usage of alcohol some legislative measures are to be imple

Awareness programmes need to be organised to educate people about the effects of alcohol. Guidelines to be issued for bars and vendors regarding the time and quantity to be served.

Counseling and healing centres need to be  operated for addicted people so that their treatment can be done in an effective way.


 T Myer 1986 defines how crimes have relation with alcohol consumption

Preparation and implementation of policies and guidelines for the controlled usage of alcohol is a challenge for the entire world. Teenagers and young adults are affected by the alcohol and facing health issues in their early ages. (WHO 2022)

Sahoo Saddichha (2010) why need to control alcohol usage through legislative measures.

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