Should alcohol usage be controlled

Alcohol usage must be controlled in india , as it is effecting wider range of population all over the country from the teen age to old age people are addicted to alcohol,as moderate drinking is also very harmful for human body, as alcohol been served in every celebrations and functions across india.It is getting essential in every official and social gathering, as alcohol become a  trend now a days, potent part of every person’s lifestyle, without alcohol people tend to get fatigue, as its their point of view, we have to change this mindset otherwise half billion people of our country will become addicted.

Knut lonneruth(2008)confirms that addictive behavior in people leads to risk factors like tuberculosis and hampers our body drastically. As some researchers already confirmed that massive use of alcohol arises many diseases in human body, one of them is tuberculosis It is defined as tuberculosis are generally effected to those people who drinks regularly more than forty gm of alcohol per day, due to  this increases the  infection ratio in our body because of regular intake,also effects our immune system as well, effects immune plus digestive system of the body, immune system gets fail rapidly due to alcohol and its ingredients.

Tuberculosis is basically a chest infection, K. williams (2008) confirms that its starts effecting our human system slowly, the relationship between tuberculosis and alcohol is explained by two points, the alcohol consumption impairs the immune system and increases the infection of tuberculosis, sometimes its genetic too, as someone is already infected in family, as alcohol consumption exposes the tb diseases in our body and effects its internally.

Alcohol consumption level B .stadlin(2008)defined separately for both man and women, as globally both are infected by this disease. As researchers have already defined minimum limit for both (10 gm)women and (40gm) for men per day, as researchers defined this into three categories lower exposer category, defines minimum  usage of alcohol, higher exposer category  defines high usage of alcohol more than forty gram as mentioned and third category defines diagnosis of  alcohol, some factors as well like (Age,sex,Hiv, Sis, infection status).In most cases some diseases  develops in human body in the form of (hiv), which is also caused by maximum use of alcohol. Some research studies also shows that this chronic disease (tuberculosis) is spreading a lot in most of the european countries, its ratio has been increasing on yearly bases between ten to fifteen percent. As social celebrations, are the main cause of these diseases, as tuberculosis directly effects lungs and a different type of bacteria spreads into the human body. As tuberculosis also divided into three types.a)active tuberculosis is a condition in which infection directly attacks lung, as generally most of the cases are covered by active tuberculosis .b) military tuberculosis is a condition in which fatal form of infection,spreads in lungs and other organs as well.c)latent tuberculosis is a condition in which infections spreads in our whole body slowly, as infections are active in body without any reaction,people suffering from latent tuberculosis have no symptoms. tuberculosis is a deadly disease that still remains a global burden despite of world-wide measures to curb the disease

Epidemiological studies Ernesto jaramilo (2008)has been covered for this disorder, what are the alcohol exposer and tb disease status, epidemiological studies have three major parts a)In cohort study is a type of epidemiological study in which a group of people with a common characteristic is followed over time to find different types of reactions(b)case control study is type of observational study about the factors associated with diseases(c)cross sectional is a type of study in which samples of the disorders are measured, as all studies have been completed on tb in countries like newyork where this tuberculosis disorder is increasing rapidly.

Government has to take some major steps to stop this disorder, as it is effecting population of our country, as alcohol not only effects the individual also effects whole family as well.

Conclusion: Alcohol usage need to be controlled, as its effecting human bodies in the form of tuberculosis, and effects our immune system, some limitation has to defined to be in good health.


Lönnroth, K., Williams, B. G., Stadlin, S., Jaramillo, E., & Dye, C. (2008). Alcohol use as a risk factor for tuberculosis – a systematic review. BMC Public Health, 8, 289.

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