Should Alcohol Usage be Controlled?

Alcohol is being used as part of the celebration or as an addiction and as an integral part of human culture for the last few centuries. It is been recorded in the scriptures and old books which are part of our tradition. Its reference is found in great epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata as well. Danav, and Manav both of them used to consume alcohol. It has been established that excessive and unlimited consumption of alcohol leads to the destruction of our health and property. It also ruins relationships, as the person consuming excessive alcohol is not in the state of mind to listen to others.

This essay defines the question of whether the use and consumption of alcohol be controlled, taking the public’s welfare at large into consideration.

Excessive alcohol consumption always leads to the deterioration of health. It ruins public health to such an extent that the liver and other digestive system gets affected badly. Shmerling (2020), also leads to cardiovascular and mental health disorders. If it is controlled, surely there will be some improvement and these health consequences can be controlled up to some extent. Alcohol consumption causes death and disability relatively early in life. In people aged 20–39 years, approximately 13.5% of total deaths are attributable to alcohol. (World Health Organization [WHO], 2022)

It has also been observed that excessive alcohol consumption always leads to road accidents Buddy. T (2020) Thus, if alcohol consumption is controlled it will surely help to reduce the rate of road accidents in the future.

It has been observed that the rate of ‘domestic and family violence‘ is also increased due to excessive alcohol consumption. Controlling the same will help reduce these domestic violence cases in the Family Court of Law.

Some major crimes are reported due to alcohol consumption. I.e., assault, theft, rape, and other crimes related to addiction and losing mental temper. Effective controlling steps by the government will reduce such kinds of criminal cases. Erica Martin & Lauren A. Monds (2022)

               There are a lot of healthcare cases that are related and arise out of excessive alcohol consumption. Montarat Thavorncharoensap at. al. (2009). If limited alcohol consumption is implemented, such circumstances can be controlled.

               Alcohol misuse badly affects productivity, quality, and discipline in workplaces. It is also dangerous to other co-workers working with drunk colleague team members. Restricted and controlled alcohol use will increase productivity, safety, and a healthy environment at the workplace.

               Govt. have to promote responsible drinking which can manage and reduce alcohol consumption. This will help to reduce the rate of excessive drinking and people will also start benefitting themselves with controlled alcohol consumption.

                              To conclude this essay, it is to be said that, the excess of anything always leads to a problem and the same thumb rule can be applied here. It is accepted that alcohol is a part of human culture, it should be used and consumed in such a way that the other person/s or society should not get affected, should not get disturbed, should not get assaulted, or should not get bothered because of this addiction. 


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