Should Alcohol usage be controlled?

“अति सर्वत्र वर्जयेत” The famous sanskrit maxim defines clearly that the uncontrollable thing is always harmful.Eashwar et al. Commented Globally 50%of deaths caused by liver cirrhosis ,30% of because pharyngeal cancers,22%of the death caused by self harm,15%of death by traffic injuries, 12%of TB and 12%of deaths caused by liver cancer were accredited to alcohol consumption.This is only attributed by the over consumption of alcohol.The every effect is occurs by over consumption of alcohol effects like-social acceptance ,health issues,traffic accidents,loss of memory etc.

It comes like a fashion for the adolescence.According to the 2013 Monitoring the Future Study ,30%of youth in the United States have used alcohol by eighth grade (Squelia.,Jacobus and Tapert).Indian youth are crazy over alcohol because they contemplate it as cool, style statement and symbol of modernisation.They adopting this because of following western culture and in the influence of movies.This is how the youth spoil their career and bright future.Their mentality got changed.It is also negatively affects achievement in sports and other artistic ventures.The savage problems occurs low energy level,changes in mood,slurring,trembling or coordination problems,problem in concentrating or remembering etc.

Excessive alcohol use can lead to serious problems including weakening the chance of getting sick ,High blood pressure, heart disease, stroke,liver disease, and digestive problems, cancer of mouth,liver,lungs,Weakening of the immune system,mental health problems, depression and anxiety and social problems etc.The same is written in this research paper .Overall,4% of global burden of disease ascribable to alcohol,which accounts for about as much death and disability Globally as tobacco and hypertension (Room R.,Babor T.,Rehm J.).

Drinking alcohol clearly has important effect on social behaviors,such as increasing aggression,self disclosure, sexual adventuresomeness,and so on.The obligation to drink causes persons neglect social responsibilities and relationships in favor of drinking. Violence is defined as a behavior that exposes or attempts to inflicts physical harm and alcohol abuse and violence are associated with one another.when a person begins drinking alcohol their nervous system will be hampered from the drug,as will their prefrontal cortex causing their judgements to become impaired.

And the alcohol is the most popular for the revenue collection. Baumberg and colleagues estimated that the global economic burden of alcohol consumption stands at approximately 0.6 to 2.0%of global GDP.It also in the favor of states and Union territories to improve earnings from ‘own tax revenue ‘.Immediately after the covid lock down ended in May 2020 ,alcohol gave some comfort to state finances as respective governments hiked the duty to get money to fund many relief activities.The governments main objectives of imposing excise tax is to discourage consumption of taxed alcohol as well as raise revenue(E Appa).High taxation is breaking the fortjtude of alcoholic beverages industry in India ( The international Spirits and Wine Associations of India ).But the fact is taxation alone can’t be the equipment to reduce alcohol consumption and regular safe drinking .Because there is a big change in consumers choice,awareness and behavior. They becoming more brand and quality conscious. Each year 3 million deaths occurs due to harmful use of alcohol.Governments should improve in their policies like monitoring and surveillance,pricing policy, availability of alcohol ,awareness programs,ban on the flims that use alcoholic episodes .


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