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As human beings, we are all same, but what makes us stand out or unique is our creativity and talents.

Content writing is one such profession /hobby where creativity and earning are proportionate , the content writing is now very essential requisite for digital marketing.

I am pursuing contenting writing course from Education and career times which is 3 months in duration with the live projects and internship included.

I have tried to explain the anchor text , in bound link , out bound link , and back link in simple way by giving exapmles.


Anchor text is the link which acts as hyperlink to the other page. the words in blue ae anchor text.

for example: i have have mentioned above the Education and career times is the link that take you the ECT website is the anchor text.


An In bound link is a link that from anywhere outside your website links to your website or webpage is the inbound link . or website anywhere else points to your site is inbound link.

for example : I write a review on a product and my friend in her webpage write about the same product and refers to view my review on her page then it would be inbound link to me.


outbound link points to other website , which is exactly opposite of the inbound link.

for example I write a blog on flowers and add a link in between the explanation.

that I love flowers . when you click on flower that is a outbound link. to me but an inbound link to wiki.

H4: Back link

back link is also known as the in bound link , or include any link present in the own website.

for example : also read this which is link to a content written on by miscellaneous , when you click on also read this it takes you to a content written by others but on same website , hence it is a backlink.

H5: SEO Packages

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