Sealing Foundation Cracks: A Step by Step Guide

Get rid of all types of foundational cracks using the expertise of Basement Gurus while waterproofing the foundation. Let Basement Guru guide you to make a budget friendly and long lasting solution to foundational cracks and waterproofing.
A strong and reliable foundation is vital for any home. It bears the load of the whole house and is usually built underground. It provides support to the house, keeps out groundwater and acts as a barrier between the soil moisture.
Considering the crucial role of the foundation for a house, it is of utmost importance to take care of it. One should be aware of the state of the foundation on regular basis. Since, negligence can cause massive destruction. Factors such as the tree root growth, water in soil, improper plumbing and drainage system, invasive landscape, etc, can create cracks in the base and make it weaker. It is very important to be attentive towards these threats and take immediate actions to prevent any foundational damage which can also lead to vast devastation. Waterproofing in foundation can help prevent the destruction.
This articles deals with knowing the factors of foundation cracks and also helps one to seal foundation cracks, thus preventing any loss.
Why do foundation cracks?
There are many reasons which cause cracks in the foundation. Following is the list of these causes. One can relate to the given list and become aware of the causes. It will also help to take necessary actions to prevent cracks in foundation.

  1. Poor Foundation Construction
    If the material used during the construction of foundation is of poor quality, it makes the structure weak. Such structure succumb more to damage easily. Cracks form easily in such structures. Waterproofing the foundation in such structure can help prevent any further damage.
  2. Soil Condition
    Since the foundation is wholly surrounded by soil in any landscape, it is important to know the state of the soil. By testing the soil, one can determine the type and characteristics of the soil around the construction sites. If there is lot of moisture in the soil, it can spread this moisture in the foundation structure. The structure then becomes weak and cracks can be seen on it. Waterproofing in foundation can keep the moisture of the soil away from the structure.
  3. Heavy Water Flow
    Water intrusion can occur if there is heavy downpour from rains, storms or snowfall. This also leads to cracks in foundation. These disasters are natural and no one has absolute control over it. However, by waterproofing the foundation one can be prepared to face these problems effectively.
  4. Plumbing and Drainage Leak
    Water leaked from poor pipe lines can enter the foundation structure. This condition may not be noticeable in early stages but it definitely weakens the structure while gradually shifting it from its initial placement. With the repairing of pipes, waterproofing the foundation will also help in prevention of cracks for the future.
  5. Flora around the house
    The roots of the trees around the house often take away the moisture from the soil. This makes the soil dry and the foundation dryer. It can then create cracks.
    Types of cracks: Horizontal, Vertical and Hairline
    It is important to know the type of cracks that has occurred in foundation, before repairing them. There are different types of cracks, out of which the vertical wall cracks, horizontal wall cracks and hairline cracks are most common among different buildings. Let us know these cracks in detail
  1. Horizontal Cracks: As the name suggests, these cracks appear horizontal on walls. These are the most serious cracks and are threat to the whole building. These are caused by high water pressure and makes the foundation structure inwards. Seeking advice is important and Basement Gurus are ready to help.
  1. Vertical cracks

The vertical cracks appear from up to down as shown in the picture. Although these cracks are less serious than the horizontal ones, it is also important to fix them before the problem worsens. These are caused due to the shifting of soil in one or more areas. Again waterproofing foundation can help lessen these cracks. Taking professional help will always aid the situation

  1. Hairline cracks
    Hairline cracks may occur just after the construction. However these can be taken care of easily if immediate actions are taken. These can be repaired by the homeowners under proper guidance. Also the repairing of these cracks can be claimed under the warranty. Connect with Basement Gurus to get advice to take proper steps and claim warranty for the cause.

Foundation Crack Repair Cost
When one is aware of the problem, the next step is to take care of it. This can be done using professional help for waterproofing the foundation or by DIY sealing foundation cracks videos. There are different ways of repairing cracks. However, the most common ones are crack injections and polyurethane foam injections.

  1. Crack Injection
    In this method, a fluid is inserted between the cracks. This liquid completely fills the cracks and solidifies. Thus, regaining the support and structure of the initial foundation walls. These repair last for more than 10 years. It is an immediate repair with minimal cost. To know more about it contact Basement Gurus.
  2. Polyurethane Foam Injection.
    Polyurethane foam injection can fill wider cracks. When injected between the cracks it expands immensely and seals the cracks permanently. To know the cost and repairing procedure contact Basement Gurus.
    After using the either of the above method to seal the cracks, it is crucial to provide waterproofing in foundation walls to avoid cracks in the future. This can be done using the expertise of Basement Gurus.
    Can one repair cracks at home?
    Yes. One can take care of the cracks if the cracks are not serious. However, first one should be able to identify the serious cracks which probably need professional help and ones which can be treated at home.
    While using a crack injection or polyurethane foams ones has to take the following steps.
  3. Check if the crack is dry. If is wet, dry it with a blow dryer.
  4. Scrub the crack clean and remove all the loose fragments on the area.
  5. Using nails block out the pores where the injection needs to be injected.
  6. Prepare the injection. Use the guidance provided by Basement Gurus or videos for the same. The material needed can also be known using the same.
  7. Attach the injection port. Inject the material along the path of cracks that is between the nails.
  8. Spread the sealer over the cracks.
  9. Seal up the injection ports.
    After the applying the injections, waterproofing in foundation cracks can be done on a safer side. This will prevent formation of cracks in the future.
    Which method to use for repairing cracks?
    While these methods may seem simple and affordable, it is important to choose the accurate one for the foundation cracks. While the right method can bring relief to the homeowners, the wrong one can start a nightmare. One needs to take professional help and guidance for the same.
    When it comes to repairing these cracks, trust the proficiency of Basement Gurus. They will not only guide you but also provide budget friendly solutions.
    Basement Gurus can help you make a conscious decision based on your needs. Make Waterproofing in foundation the first thing in your priority list, while taking caring of your loved ones.
    Frequently Asked Questions
  10. What is waterproofing the foundation?
    Answer: Waterproofing is the method to make a structure or surface resistant to water intrusion. This, it keeps the foundation stronger and preventing the formation of cracks.
  11. Can I do waterproofing of foundation myself?
    Answer: Some minor waterproofing tasks can be taken care of at home. However to avoid serious damage in future it is best to take professional help.
  12. Is it important to seal foundation cracks?
    Answer: Yes, it is important to seal foundation cracks. Negligence in such cases can cause water leakage in basement, making it flooded and also can destroy the the construction.
  13. Can I seal cracks at home?
    Answer: yes, some of the cracks can be fixed at home. One can take guidance from a professional entity, get the material and fix the cracks. However, serious cracks are advised to de dealt by professionals only.
  14. Are there different types of foundational cracks?
    Answer: Yes, there are different types of foundational cracks. Horizontal cracks, vertical cracks, hairline cracks, stair step cracks, etc. are some of them.
  15. Do different cracks need different repairing methods?
    Answer; Different types of cracks are repaired with different methods.
  16. Does waterproofing the basement help to avoid damage to the foundation?
    Answer: Waterproofing the basement helps to keep water out of the foundational walls. Thus, it helps o prevent cracks.
    Do you have more queries?
    No worries. Basement Gurus are there to help you. Contact us to help us help you.

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