Revise and Repent Your Reality

A social-psychological general view about various people, who are tried according to their situations. I do wish for such a scenario when people would be tested according to what they did

Whatever they say, “they will do” won’t be enough to reach any conclusion in that scenario. People might drop their chances of repent & revise.

We must not predict & judge people for their situation. Situations do change based on the attitude of characters. Acts of characters do matter a lot in any story.

Perpetrators enjoy the benefit of the doubt when they get the opportunity to present pretexts, which is, “manipulated situations for general displays.” This way several people have deceived the general crowd by presenting bogus stories in the name of true stories.

A similar story can have not so similar characters!

We all learn several stories almost daily. Short stories might end within one or two hours. Such as preparing & finishing any special feast. Or long stories such as meeting a couple who have completed five years of marriage successfully. 

Stories are everywhere. Whenever we move in favor or against anything, we are unknowingly or sometimes knowingly contributing to a kind of true or false story. 

Telling stories is not bad, spreading stories about others’ life is bad. Stories are certain, no one can stop life stories revealing lessons. Around our life, stories do-follow us.

Life stories grant us revisions unless & until we repent & review our story

Do you find yourself in the same type of situation, which you dislike most?… You have done everything you could do, still, you are not able to refrain from that particular situation. You always fail in your struggle to avoid that situation & your life puts you under such circumstances, which ultimately would push you to that particular unwanted situation. Such as : 

  • You avoid meeting your mother or mother-in-law but despite all avoidance, you have to meet her.
  • You do not want to spend your hard-earned money on imposed burdens. For example, any forced levy or spending on any useless custom just for culture’s sake but you have to spend. At times we do not have a choice to say “no.”
  • You do not like spicy food but eventually, hire services of cooks who are great at delivering spicy food only. (Because you eat daily but never tried to cook for yourself & you are unaware of cooking skills.)
  • You like meeting simplified people but circumstances drive you toward complicated & difficult people.

This is my observation that stories do repeat circumstances & situations. Life stories grant a person many attempts to repent mistakes. Every person is by default prone to errors. We commit many blunders knowingly or unknowingly. Many people regret their mistakes & wish to correct them if given the opportunity.

If we explain stories around us would indicate to us that life is generous. In the form of stories, life gives us various opportunities in the pretense of a few moments. These special moments are stories of a kind & can rectify our earlier mistakes. We must sincerely accompany our life stories. Learning from the incidences of life is a great possibility if we have regrets. If a person seriously wants to repent, do welcome prospects given by life stories. 

The situation remains unchanged when characters do not act

The same type of situation happens to almost every person. The persona of the character facing the situation makes all the difference. It is the character performing in any story, who’s responsible for the after-effects when moments of situation pass by. The plot of any story is moved by its characters. 

If you are too good at judging people, judge their whole scenario not only the situation!

Any situation remains as it is when characters do not contribute to forwarding or changing the current situation. For example, 

  • Identical stories of Lord Krishna & Prophet Moses. Rarely we can think about a few more similar children who could dodge the highest customs of manipulation & egoism.  
  • There are a lot of gorgeous girls living desolated in our households but very rarely we can expect “Cinderella” in those troubled girls.
  • There are many disabled people around. No doubt they would be doing in their lives fit & fine. Still, yet only a few dozen Stephen Hawking (theoretical physicist) type of success stories we get to know, around general news-buzz. 

Several other disabled people who have excelled :

Wanda Diaz Merced (astronomer), Richard Mankin (USDA agricultural research service physicist), Naomi Ondrasek (biologist), Caroline Solomon (biologist).

Paralympic Champions

Similarly, several paralympic winners such as Deepa Malik’s got stories being heard by the general public still these some of the fair stories can not depict the whole scenario of physical or psychological disordered people around the world.

*here we are not pitying disabled people*

The reason behind this article is to convey an opinion of mine, let’s not predict the fate of characters by merely looking at the situation. The same situation when encountered with different characters, produces different conclusions. Varied events do follow a situation. Outcomes depend upon the action of the characters facing the situation. 

After all!

Naturally, we are in a habit of generalizing a person’s situation & Ied by the generalized perception, we do judge any person as good, bad, or ugly. This habit of generalizing situations is the basic cause of misconception & ambiguity in various matters.

It is a matter of worry that most people who claim to be an authority are planning their future strategies based on the current situation of their proponents & opponents. These situations soon will be changed for good or bad. Let others decide their future according to their perception but do not allow anyone to make your situation ugly.


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