Have you noticed some underlined mostly blue color clickable words or words while browsing in web? These words are commonly known as Anchor text or Link text. Anchor text usually connects a page to another page of the same website or a separate URL. Let’s discuss the relevance of anchor text in SEO.

Anchor texts usually appear different from the rest text of the webpage. The standard web color for anchor text is blue. However, we can change the color of anchor text using HTML coding.

Why Anchor text is relevant?

Anchor text plays a head role in the SEO of a web page. Search Engine uses Anchor text to evaluate the ranking of a webpage. It acts as an indispensable factor that improves the user interaction of the webpage. They indicate what a user will see on the linked page if click on it. Anchor text tells the Search engines what the linked page is about. Not using anchor text or using generic anchor text just as “click here” etc usually considered a poor SEO practice. It shows the relevance of anchor text in SEO.

When we discuss the relevance of anchor text in SEO, another term Link comes in front of us.

Link making in SEO

A hyperlink ( link) paves the way for us to navigate between URLs on the WWW.Using such links, Search engines crawl the web. Search Engines always search for newly updated content on WWW, with help of some programs which is known as crawlers or spiders. This process is often called crawling. Links can be an image, text, or buttons.

Like the relevance of Anchor Text in SEO Building links is also an important tactic of good SEO practice. links indicate to Google that a website contains quality and worthy resources. The more backlink a site gets will score the better it’s ranking in SEO. 

After discussing the relevance of Anchor text in SEO, Pointing here to show the three types of Links. 

  1. Inbound Link 
  2. Outbound Link 
  3. Back Link 

Like relevance of anchor text in SEO. Let’s find the relevance of these three types of links 

Inbound Link 

An inbound link is a link from another website to our website. For the person receiving the link consider it as an inbound link. Google considers inbound links as indicators of the high-quality content of a website. 

For example, if a website put an inbound link about the relevance of anchor text in SEO to this blog. we can consider it as an inbound link

Outbound Link

As the name indicates “OutboundAnchor text and it’s role in SEO writing” links are links from our website to another website. Most commonly it is used to provide the reader with important additional information about the topic we cover. If we provide an outbound link on the relevance of anchor text in SEO to another website. For us, it’s an outbound link. Such links help us to add value to the topic we are writing about as well as build readers’ trust. 

Back Link

Backlink indicates the popularity of our websites with readers. It is an important aspect of SEO strategies. A backlink is a link in which one website links another website with an anchor text.

 Here you can find a backlink on”SEO Packages” along with the relevance of anchor text in SEO. 

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