Prewrite better with these 5 Simple Steps

Consider you have to bake the most perfect cake ever. First, you would imagine its ingredients and layout in mind to make it scrumptious. This is what prewriting is! You imagine the end in mind to make the writing process seamless and beneficial. 

Select a topic 

Select a topic that is precise and short. It should compel the reader to read and make them hungry to learn something new. 

The topic has to be narrow and cannot be too broad for readers to understand. The language used must be comprehensible for an 8th-grade student.   

The cherry on the cake is the number of tiers! Numbers add credibility to facts. It instills confidence in a reader’s mind. So, sprinkle them up whenever possible. 

Write a purpose statement 

The purpose statement gives a brief of the title and generates interest in the reader. Whether to sing “happy birthday”, or awkwardly clap at a “happy anniversary” message, the decision to enjoy the piece of writing stands here.  

If not done effectively, it will have a counterproductive result and inhibit readership. A good idea is to sync the topic with the purpose statement as well. 

Jot down ideas 

Idea generation can come from the following avenues- 

1-Common discussions on social media websites like Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn. 

2- Newspaper articles or magazines  

3-The writer could also have unique technical know-how and write about the same. 

Conduct research 

Various modes of research include– 

1- Internet browsing- Searching on Google doesn’t mean researching. The plethora of web pages doesn’t guarantee the authenticity of the content offered. So, select a website with authors who are experts in that topic. 

2- Subscribe to periodicals, academic research papers, or digital libraries. 

3- Interview people who are experts in the subject matter. 

4- Do proximity research on places or people of importance around you and interview them. 

Using these would be finding that perfect ingredient that brings extra oomph in your cake! 

Prepare the outline or structure of the content 

This is the planning stage of that wondrous imaginary cake you have been reading about till now! Every tier would have a category of stories, streamlined to build a connection of one sentence with the next. This categorization explains the thought process of the writer and engages the readers in a structured format.  

To make a proper structure, writers should keep it simple and provide at least one solution to a problem. They could make bullet points of already known or collated facts. When the structure is arranged in sequential or chronological order, the reader will be happy to devour your article. 

With patience and daily practice, we can build an appetizing article that engages readers to understand your point of view and learn something new in the process.  

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