PrestaShop or Magento: Which One is the Best for E-commerce Website Development

Today, before we go any further, we want to float some crucial questions without further ado. For instance, do you know, “What was the total retail e-commerce sales in 2021?” If not, we must tell you it was around 4.9 trillion U.S. dollars across the globe. Now, can you imagine, “What would be the total eCommerce sales over the next four years?” If not, we must inform you that these figures could grow by almost 50 percent, i.e., 7.4 trillion dollars by 2025. So, if we are not mistaken, you must be wondering, “But, why are you telling us all this, right?” 

Well, the biggest reason to share this piece of information is to help you get the hang of how massive the current eCommerce market is, ok? Thus, if you want to reap the maximum dividend from it and take your online business to the next level, we must suggest approaching the best website design and development company in Dubai to get excellent E-commerce Website Development services. But, before you reach out to them, one “major” question that you must find the answer to is, “Which is the finest eCommerce platform to build a shopping site, i.e., PrestaShop or Magento?” 

“To be frank,” before you dive deep into that, it is necessary to get down to its nuts and bolts first. So, let’s see:

What is Magento?

In layman’s terms, Magento is an open-source eCommerce development platform that comes with built-in PHP and allows store owners to download and install the software and then configure their shopping site as per their business requirements. Until July 2021, this eCommerce platform has successfully powered over 200,000 shopping sites across the globe. Since this particular application ships with various powerful features, Magento gets used by multiple large-scale and prominent eCommerce giants, like:

1. HP

2. Nike

3. Ford 

4. Landrover 

5. Nestle Nespresso

6. And many more!

Currently, you can make the most of two widely-used versions of Magento, i.e., 

1. Magento Commerce, and 

2. Magento Opensource

Now that you know one “main” aspect of PrestaShop vs Magento comparison, it’s time to look at:

What is PrestaShop?

PrestaShop is another optimal eCommerce application on this list, i.e., written in PHP and used by over 300,000 active websites “around the world.” And just to let you know, this number is “equal” to nearly 6% of all websites using professional eCommerce solutions in 2021. A few websites that get fueled by PrestaShop are:

1. McDonald’s

2. Decathlon 

3. Patrizia Aryton 

4. Vissavi 

5. And the rest!

As of now, PrestaShop does not provide any “Enterprise Edition” to its users.

Now that you are slightly familiar with the Magento vs PrestaShop 2020, it’s time to get deep insights into:

PrestaShop vs Magento 2020: Which one is the most suitable for your E-commerce Website Development 

1. PrestaShop vs Magento – Costs 

As far as Magento is concerned, its Open Source variant is free to download and install. But, when it comes to Magento Commerce, its charges are based on your average gross sales revenue per year, starting from 22,000 US dollars. 

On the other hand, when you consider PrestaShop for your eCommerce website development, you don’t need to pay even a penny for its licensing requirements. But apart from that, you still need to “pony up” for hosting domains and modules to launch your online store. 

And the tale doesn’t here because your shopping site development will also require you to break your bank to some extent for:

A. Developer cost 

B. Extension cost, and 

C. Theme cost 

So, have you wrapped your mind around the usage expenses of PrestaShop vs Magento? If yes, now let’s shift to the next point, i.e., 

2. PrestaShop vs Magento 2020 – Ease of use 

In terms of usability, the installation and setup process of Magento might feel a bit complicated as it requires intermediate to advanced levels of technical knowledge for web development and other associated tasks. However, once you have done that, the daily management of your Magento-powered store will be a walk in the park. 

If that’s not all, PrestaShop could be a more appropriate eCommerce solution for you if you are not much a tech-savvy person. Do you know why? “Well,” its backend interface is well-organized, and it features a simplified management process to help you focus on your integral business goals. 

Now that you have seen how Magento stacks up against PrestaShop in PrestaShop vs Magento Usability comparison, it’s time to move on to the next factor, i.e., 

3. Magento vs PrestaShop 2020 – Performance 

As discussed above, Magento is one of the most sought-after eCommerce solutions for medium and large-size merchants. It can handle approximately 500,000 visitors per day for almost 100,000 to 200,000 products. Additionally, if you optimize it big time, your Magento-driven store can handle up to 500,000 commodities or inventories. 

“Coming to” the PrestaShop now, it is “apt” for small and medium-size brands, having 100,000 or fewer items in their catalog. However, if you want to add more goods to your PrestaShop-powered store, it could affect the entire performance of your website. 

The rundown 

So, what did you learn through this PrestaShop vs Magento performance comparison? It’s like PrestaShop is a superb eCommerce option for beginners or small-sized businesses, while Magento ticks all the right boxes for medium and large-sized enterprises. Thus, if you like this bite-sized primer and want to get the most reliable and durable online store development services now, please “shoot the breeze” with the top-notch web design and development company in Dubai. 

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