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6 Things to Consider Before Buying a DSLR

DSLR or Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera is used by professionals or photography enthusiasts who wish to take up photography seriously as a hobby or their mode of daily bread-and-butter. There are several types of DSLR cameras used by photographers for different purposes and types of photography. There are ‘n’ numbers of camera equipment used […]


Key Elements of the WordPress Ecosystem

WordPress is Open Source Software. It is used for web publishing. This system enables users to create the website without knowledge of coding or other computer languages. The user can create his WordPress website by following simple step by step instructions. Posts Posts are pieces of the content entered on the website. It appears in […]


Quick and Simple Methods to Overcome Information Overload

Book Review- The Organized Mind by Daniel J. Levitin Do you wish to have an organized mind? Does it ever happen to you that the amount of information around overwhelms you?  You entered a room to do something but by the time you entered you forgot what it is?  It happens because we are somewhere […]


Increase Your Reading Speed With 4 Easy Methods

Do you find yourself reading slowly?   Do you catch yourself in that rut where you have to read certain sentences over and over again?  Do you remember that long essay in a newspaper or a magazine, a long e-mail, or those never-ending business reports that need your immediate attention and how you couldn’t finish reading them on time?   […]


National Education Policy 2020: An Analysis

Education plays a significant role in the development of a nation. A country cannot expect growth without investing in education. The first education policy was introduced in India in 1968 and the second in 1986. It was then modified in 1992. The Indian government has now decided to bring reformatory changes to the traditional education […]

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ECT Launches an Online Personality Development Course

PRESS RELEASE May 10, 2020, New Delhi:  A well-rounded personality will fetch success in the career as well as lead a good quality life.  Today, ECT provides an opportunity to learn personality development through their online personality development course.  It is very useful for high school students, graduates, job seekers, businessmen, and working professionals.  This […]

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Create a Blog by Using the Key Elements in the WordPress Ecosystem

In this column, I would like to explore WordPress conclusively and shed light on its efficiency to create a blog. WordPress:  WordPress is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) that helps to build, modify, and manage a blog or website by ourselves.  It is specifically designed in a way to build a website […]


Nature Vs Nurture – The Debate is Still On!

We often hear people saying that blue eyes are hereditary in our family. Baldness in men and certain diseases like Down’s syndrome is inherited. How do we inherit characters or diseases? Do genes or surroundings shape one’s personality? The Gene- The basis for Hereditary A gene is a tiny section along with the DNA with […]


First time I met My Husband: The Great Indian Arranged Marriage

It was raining heavily that day. Ishana’s mom woke her up from her deep slumber, “C’mon wake up beta, don’t you have to go to meet the boy for marriage”. “Yes mommy”, She dragged her feet out of the bed. Though Ishana was 24 yrs old but a typical mumma’s girl. Her parents had been […]


First Kiss of Eternal Love

His (my husband) hands trembling, a drop from his eyes made the form wet, he signed it rubbing his eyes. The nurse ran anxiously to the OT after handing over the form in the reception.    The head doctor directed the nurses to shift the patient to the OT.  He then saw me, who was feeble, […]