Old age home : A boon

Old Age Home

Old Age homes the name itself brings a thought of insecurity among the senior citizen in our country, To live with one’s family and grandchildren after retirement is one of the greatest dreams of people entering their old age but in today’s world of computers and mobiles, children do not have time and patience to be with their grandparents. Their children with both spouses working are busy with office work and their grandchildren busy with school, projects, and mobile games and have no time for the elderly. These old age people lack behind in the fast-growing technology and have problems mixing with the young generation. Sometimes children have to leave their parents due to work as they have to shift to other cities or countries and can’t take their parents with them due to which these old people have to live alone sometimes even arranging basic amenities becomes a problem this guilt of not being able to take care and helpless due to distance causes worries in them, here old age home becomes a boon for them.

In olden times there used to be a joint family system which kept the elders busy and there used to be someone to take care of them but due to the nuclear family system one does not have any time for oneself then what about the parents and further if they suffer from some disease it becomes more difficult. In Other countries,  there are well-made old age homes and hospitalization is free to taxpaying senior citizens which makes it easy and enjoyable retirement. Old age home when organized and well maintained with good medical support becomes a boon to old people. Nurses and hospitalization are a hand away and the twenty-four hours availability 0f these facilities becomes a boon to old people. Old age homes also create a place for recreation and make all festive occasions enjoyable, they also arrange a religious program for people inclined towards religion. This makes the old age home comfortable, and the elderly make new friends and forget their loneliness. Their children who are far away are guilt free and can even visit them or stay with them anytime. These types of old age homes should be made on large scale in India also so that old people can live comfortably and not be pressurized or feared by househelp and their demands. It also gives employment to a lot of people and people who love to help old people. It becomes both employment and society’s well-being too. Looking at today’s hi-tech and fast-moving generation, old age homes or retirement homes are becoming a necessity. Government should work in this direction as the senior citizen population is also increasing. Yoga meditation centers and other facilities should be provided in the comfort zone of the old people so they should not be struggling for basic needs like B.P monitoring or diabetic monitoring on a daily basis. More old age homes should be built. It should feel like a boon to those living there and their families who want but can’t take care of our guilt-free. Old Age homes become a boon for them.

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