My First Failure in my Career

Imagine how failure feels. 

Heavy heart! Right?

I know you all have faced failure in life. Some of you have got the failure in school, some of you in love life, and some of you in business. I can elaborate how this feeling is. The feeling of feeling, like a looser, having sleepless nights, and overthinking. Yes, I have faced this phase. 

Before writing all about it, let me take a deep breath so that I can further tell. 

I was at my job in the event management field. Everything was perfect at my workplace. From office vibe to office staff, from bosses to a small vendor, everything was perfect. 

I entered into the 6th year of my job. It was a call for a new opportunity. 

What happened was: My boss called me to the cabin. We all are aware of when this situation arrives, our heartbeat goes faster. I went to the cabin and he told me that he is promoting me from the Exhibitor Executive to Public Relationship Head. Looking at his confidence in me, I thought I can do this.

 My event dates were 10th to 12th Jan. 2020. I worked hard and experienced a lot. But I don’t know what was in my destiny that after doing a lot of hard work I could not complete this task. From administrative work to back-office work, from paperwork to the team, I was all set till 7th January 2020. All of a sudden, everything got messed up. I tried a lot to clear it but I could not. In the end, the event went, not the way I wanted to. But I did not feel that the mess of work is my failure.

I was not happy but did not feel the failure at that moment. I took myself as a learner. I was ready to listen to all the complaints from the company directors but they did not scold me, not a single time. Here comes the unimaginable part.

My directors started thinking I am not able to work. They made the wrong image of mine in their mind. Their behaviour with me has changed. Their behaviour made me feel like a loser. They started doubting my work. 

A company where you are working for the last 6 years, you make your position, you make people value you, your hard work brings fruitful results. And one mistake, and you were doubted. It feels like your whole 6 years were wasted. I lost my confidence; I doubted my work. I started thinking negatively. These happened because of the behaviour of company directors.

That was the first time in my life I felt looser, regretted, and a person who is nothing. For me, the trust of my friends, family, colleagues, and directors are the most important thing. And somewhere I felt that I broke that trust. Somehow, I am good now. But still, when I rethink about this incident it made me wonder why that happened to me. 

I am currently working in the same company with new hope and to build that trust again. We will meet soon again with the new story of mine. I guess it would be the success of mine or I would title it “How I build that trust again.” 

Till then bye. Be strong, Be positive.

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