this image reflects the idea behind focusing on one thing at a time.

Suffered throughout my life getting stuck with multitaskers. The idea that pushes a person to do multitasking never came to me.

‘Stubborn one’ one might think when someone says “Oh, I am not good at multitasking.” How dumb of a person who can’t handle two – three or even more tasks together at a time.

In this ever-changing world why to get stuck in only one thing at a time. Better jump from one to another to another & another.

It’s a smart choice to tag oneself multitasker. The female brigade is quite good at it. Surrounded in between so many incomplete things, does it gives a feeling of importance? “Oh, I am the only one who can solve this puzzle of multitasking.” Also in the disguise of multitasking, this notion gives you an option to play passing the parcel of pressure on the task itself (if it doesn’t work).

Multitasking seems like a great way to get a lot of things done at once. But research has shown that our brain is not nearly as good at handling multiple tasks as we like to think they are. In fact, some researchers suggest that multitasking can reduce productivity by as much as 40 percent.

Studies have shown that women are no better at multitasking than men. Why is that woman are bound to become a multitasker willingly or unwillingly? From where does it all start? I find multitasking a mental disorder of some kind or can be termed over smartness.

Challenging these sorts of myths is important to change the ongoing scenario. Getting engaged with various engagements at the same time often end up as a mess.

Actually, no one is good at multitasking. Switching & juggling over different dimensions is never desired by anyone. Every individual soul wants to settle at a solo task at a time.

Works, obligations & tasks are not social animals like us humans. They need their own space. Their own time to become happening. People who think they can split their attention between multiple tasks are actually doing nothing at all. Cause it is not even possible.

I always do wonder multitasking is time-saving or task spoiler. Focusing on one thing at a time & let it be. We have got enough of the time. Why settle at average productivity by diverting attention at tasks. Why take overburden of multitasking when we are much capable of single-tasking.

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