Moving to Orlando? Follow these 3 YouTube Channels to make your life easier

YouTube has emerged as one of the strongest mediums of entertainment and knowledge sharing.  If you decide to start any work but are lacking in information, explore YouTube for concerned videos.  You will get a solution.

Are you considering relocating to Orlando, Florida? Moving to Orlando may be a mess sometime if you have not gathered moving tips in Orlando. But the question is where you gather this information from.   It’s all about deep research. Research can be done on the Internet.  As mentioned earlier YouTube channels of realtors may guide you on the same.

There are many realtors and other YouTubers who post their videos which can be very informative for you.  By exploring these videos and channels you can get the answers to your following queries:

1.   Which is the best area in Orlando to buy a house?

2.   Where are the best neighborhoods in Orlando to rent?

3.   How to prepare a moving Orlando checklist?

4.       What are the best neighborhoods in Orlando Florida?

Here is a list of some of the well-known YouTube channels from which you can collect information before moving to Orlando FL.


YouTube channels:      Channel:

YouTuber Name:          Kim Hawk

Profession:                     She is among the leading realtor in the USA (among the top 1%)

Brief:                                 She focuses on real estate properties and best neighborhoods near Orlando near Disney (Within 25 Mile radius of Cinderella’s Castle to be precise)


This YouTuber significantly answers your queries such as:

In one of the videos of Kim Halk ( she interviewed the mayor of Orlando Mr. XYZ. 

Here are some sweet details about Orlando, Florida:

The Living Cost—Living in Orlando is affordable as its cost of living is 2% lower than the national average and 3% lower than Florida’s average. The average earning of workers in Florida is around $85,000 a year which is fairly good for a comfortable lifestyle that attracts the resident to Orlando.

People of Orlando don’t have to pay state income tax, and this is another reason to choose Orlando. Yes, you read it right. No income tax, inheritance tax, and estate tax. Not only this, the property taxes are below the national average at 97% with the housing market trending up 1.9% over the past year.  This is the time to buy a home.

Job Opportunities: This city has jobs for everyone. If you are relocating to Orlando and need a job, then you are in luck. Orlando has been ranked number seven in the U.S. for job prospects. Here you have so many job opportunities with Walt Disney World, Universal studio, hotels, and the healthcare industry, IT & Technology etc.

There are many big companies headquartered in Orlando.

Sports Lovers—People in Orlando are sports lovers. No matter whether it is a college or professional team, residents cheer them with pride. They love basketball, baseball, football, soccer, hockey, or any sport and there is never a shortage of audience to watch the games in the stadium.

Climate—Orlando has warm and sunny weather all year. You will hardly get to see snowfall. In the month of December, the average low temperature is only 55 degrees Fahrenheit. In summer it can be difficult to deal with heat and humidity but thankfully you will get air conditioning in every place.

Amenities—If you are in Orlando! It’s hard to be bored. It is also known for world theme parks such as Walt Disney World and Universal Studios as well as you will be able to enjoy outlet malls, museums, and all kinds of restaurants.

Education— Education at all levels is available in Orlando.

As per Kim Hawk here are some tips that can help you to choose the right place while moving to Orlando:

§  The schools are great—  Orange County Public School is one the best schools there, and if you are moving with your kids, you will be happy to know this.

§  Avoid Orlando Traffic—The highway of Orlando is always crowded due to the theme park in the area. So, it will be good for you to learn the traffic pattern to move everywhere any day.

§  Discover other activities—besides the theme park, you have many things to enjoy such as the Florida Film Festival, Jungle Adventures, The East End Market, Orlando Science Centre, etc.

§  Get Used to Life Outdoors—once your body is used to the climate, you will be able to enjoy outdoor activities such as boat rafting and beaches.

§  Explore—when you move to a new city, you are not aware of the best neighborhoods in Orlando to rent. Once you settle down, explore the neighborhoods to accomplish your needs.

§  Maintain good relationships with your Neighbors-  always maintain a healthy relationship with your neighbors, so that they can help you in any emergency. Consider inviting new friends over for a backward get-together!

Best neighborhoods in Orlando to rent or buy.

Orlando is one of the most beautiful cities not only in Florida but in the entire USA. Orlando is best known for its theme parks, clubs, sports teams, food, restaurants, and most importantly for its warm and soothing weather conditions throughout the year. From all over the USA and even the globe, people are moving to Orlando Florida. Finding the best area in Orlando to buy a house can be challenging. One chooses a house based on his/her own needs and interests. Your choice and liking for an apartment for rent may be different or unique from others.  You have a problem; we have a solution.

Some of the best locations to choose from are College Park, Lake Frederica, Azalea park, Conway, Kirman South, Windhover, Williamsburg, East Orlando, Thornton Park, Downtown Orlando, etc.

If you are planning to move to a new city to call your home, then definitely you are wondering about the living cost. The cost will depend on your personal preference. But in general terms, the living cost will be 2% cheaper than the national average, with housing being 4%, utilities 5%, and healthcare 4% lower as compared to other countries


Channel Link:       

YouTuber Name:          Kris Kennedy                

Brief:                                 Kris Kennedy, with Compass Real Estate, shares Orlando and Tampa real estate insight, professional real estate marketing, and talks shop.



Channel Link:       

YouTuber Name:          Kris Kennedy


Orlando is famous for its beaches, warm climate, food pop-ups, restaurants, and tourist attractions. And, that is the reason why thousands of people are moving to Orlando. Orlando, Florida is one of the third fastest-growing markets in the United States, so it is the perfect time to move here. It is a fact that relocating to Orlando Florida without much information can be difficult but with the right information, it becomes easy. Hopefully, this information will help to find a home in the new place

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