Marriages are Made in Mind

The evening was making a way for night to take charge. The crowd grew dense as a fracas blew at a road junction in front of a bakery shop. Many questions arose in people’s mind; “Why did this girl have to steal? How could she do this?, Has she really done so?”

On her face, the sombre expressions were the witness of her misery. Seemingly curvy figure and long hair accentuating her femininity, her fair face had turned pale. A ragged bag  and a crutch was lying beside her as the only companion. However the inner beauty was still peeping out of her torn blue dress.Tears were dribbling down like a sad stream from the girl’s eyes. Behind her bronze tresses, the scars and the sores on her face were vividly giving evidence of brutish shopkeeper’s wrath. Yet, her skeletal hands were not ready to leave the loaf.

 Few eyes from the crowd were oozing rage, though mercy had erupted in many minds for this crippled girl.The callous crowd seemed more engaged in witnessing her plight than lending her a help. The girl’s famished heart and distraught night sounded praying for a ray of hope.

“Ju..ju..julia”, a voice emerged amidst the crowd. Everybody’s sight moved to a young, dynamic yet enigmatic guy. The people gave way to his toe-walk. With his partly dangled neck yet determined will, he went close to Julia. Julia’s tired and sore eyes sparkled. She tried to smile with tears in her eyes. But this time the tears were different. It was for her love which was left a few years back.

After a moment, she could  muster up the courage to speak, “ Richard, you?”

“Whaaat have you dddone to yourssself deeeear?” trying to fix his eyes on Julia, With the tremendous pain in the concern, asked Richard. 

Despite her palpable efforts to hold back herself, Julia, eventually shattered. She sobbed out her dismay, “ After my dad’s demise, I was working in a spinning mill. Once an untoward moment happened. My leg got pinned between the spin machine. I lost my one leg and the job too. Unfortunately it was the spin of my life in which I lost everything from money to morale. Her voice throttled with remorse and misery.

Richard could gauge the kind of devastation she was going through. With his shaky gesture, he wiped off her eyes and uttered, “ I have come takke you dearer.” An ambivalent flurry blew in Julia’s mind, “ Me?, but wh….y?”

“Mr. Dorthy had ssssent a letttttter beeefore hissss death. Heee had apologizzzed for not acceptiiiing me as an autistic son-in-law. But I sssstill awe mmy professssor and have immmmense rrrespect for hhhis efforrrts to turn a wretched orphan into a sssuccessful engineer.”

In white trouser and azure blazer with white shirt, he kneeled down on one leg and said,

“With mmy whhhole heart,

I am rrrready to be your llleg,

Would you be rrrready to be mmmy walk?,

I am rrrready to ssshow you the world…

Would you be rrrready to fix my eyyyes on you?, 

I am rrrready to grow old with yooou;

Would you be rrrready to walk with me into a neeew avenue?

I will lllove you for my entire lllife;

Would you lllove to be mmy wife?”

The nook of the road turned into a stage. The moonlight beamed on to the two souls. Stars cheerfully began to sing carols. The cool breeze blew through her scars smoothly healing them. The wedding bells began to chime.

Julia had never expected somebody to propose her like Richard.

“ Eureka!” She cheered. Her ‘YES’ was more perceptible than the scars on her face. The coy smile proliferated all over her body.

The crowd witnessed the power of almighty to change destitution into divinity.

“ When marriages are made in mind

Held in heart and lived in life,

Miracle happens when the faith is blind.”

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  1. Bbbbbbeeeaaauuttiiffuuulll……
    I am not stammering like Richard, but too emotional to read…
    Good work..
    Best Wishes….. 🙂

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