Manoj Kumar – Professional bio

This is Manoj Kumar Professional Bio. Manoj currently works as an Accessibility tester at Thomson Reuters. He leads a team of testers. The Accessibility team in which he works is part of the larger Product Testing team. He tests websites to ensure that they are accessible by various disabled users. Disabled users can be hearing impaired, vision impaired, or motor disability impaired. He is a DHS (Department of Homeland Security) Certified Tester.

Before his current position, he worked as proofreader at Vasant Scribes. He honed his English language in this job. Here, he learnt transcription, proofreading and editing. He won many production and quality awards. He also won 2nd place in the English Language Skills Competition. This is Manoj Kumar Professional Bio.

Manoj completed his graduation in B.Com and LLB. He also has a PG Diploma in Value Education & Spirituality. He did this from Annamalai University. This is Manoj Kumar Professional Bio.

His convent school and intermediate college education exposed him to good English. He feels that this laid a good foundation for his English skills. He was always fascinated by the grandeur of the English language, both prose and poetry. This is Manoj Kumar Professional Bio.

Now, Manoj is pursuing the ECT Content Writing Course. Manoj is also trained in yoga and meditation. He practices yoga and meditation almost daily. He also teaches them within his close circle of friends, colleagues and relatives. This is Manoj Kumar Professional Bio.

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