Make Public Speaking Your Forte

Do you go MUM in front of an audience?

Do you find at work that the only person listening to your PowerPoint presentation is YOU?!

Is public speaking not your forte?

Then let’s turn it the other way around right away!

Get the book “Talk Like TED” to forever change the way you address your audience.

It could be your colleagues, or your boss, who sometimes don’t pay attention to your PowerPoint presentation. But with the right techniques as described in the book, Talk Like TED, you can allay all these concerns.

The book Talk Like TED is spot on with its methods. It straight away delves into what the book promises to deliver. It discusses innovative methods as used by billionaires, accomplished artists, and other professionals from various backgrounds, who have engaged and entertained people on the TED Talk platform.

We all know how TED speakers talk. But the preparation that goes into making it a success is also what makes this book a worthy read. There are examples of speakers from various fields who explained complicated concepts in a simple format. The book Talk Like TED shares in detail, all the methods used by them to inspire and motivate their audience.

The methods in the book like, Deliver Jaw-Dropping Moments, 18 Minute Rule, Paint a Mental Picture with Multi-Sensory Experiences are helpful to all students, professionals, and businessmen alike who often engage in public speaking.

Irrespective of personal opinions, think of excellent orators like Churchill, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and all the presidents of the United States (barring the current one, for obvious reasons! Someone sends him a copy of this book as well!). They all have something in common. Even in the most difficult times (professional or personal), they have swayed their listeners away from problems and uplifted their spirits.

I would urge you to note that the introduction of the book may feel a bit cliched, but the minute the book delves into its methods, it teaches you something new chapter by chapter.

It is with words that we communicate our thoughts. If they aren’t impressive, we cannot make our day to day professional or personal environment better.

But, if you wish to impress your audience next time with a presentation or with public speaking, look no further beyond this book. Clicking on the link below will forever not only sharpen your lackluster presentation skills but give you confidence in public speaking as well.

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