Life at Pandemic

After considering the surging number of cases in Italy, Japan, and South Korea, the spread of Coronavirus was recognized as pandemic on 11 March 2020 by World Health Organization WHO. The life of common people in this period of the pandemic has substantially changed in all aspects. In this period, most people are still trying to keep them in lockdown to protect themselves and their families from the infection. According to Anne, life and environment have become uncontrollable and increased the number of deaths of human beings across borders. In other words, the effect of this pandemic has led to the collapse of ecosystems, huge extinctions, climate crises, and a fall in the global economy. 

Altogether, life at pandemic can not be described in a few words because it has a different effect on different people of the world. In this period of the pandemic, several businesses have been closed, several peoples are starving, numerous people have lost their jobs, and many people are facing psychological disorders due to loss of hope. Therefore, people need to stay calm and be optimistic in this difficult period of the pandemic.

Moreover, people must help their neighbors, family members, friends, etc. to stay engaged and calm with hopes in this uncontrolled situation of the world. Above all , human beings need to evolve a sustainable lifestyle to keep the environment safe for upcoming generations of the country. The effect of this pandemic will be visible in the life of mankind Post COVID-19. These effects may include difficulty to refurbish professional career, economy, anxiety occurred due to isolation,  

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  1. “Be Optimistic in this difficult period of the Pandemic”- Mam, see you could have made a difference in you the introduction part of your blog. Similarly, you must have directed your tips and information on an individual basis.

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