Let Them Run Freely

A middle-class single father has three lovely daughters. His wife passed away just after giving birth to her third daughter. All three were kind and beautiful by nature. They live in a pleasant rural area and everyone can know them well as the father was the single parent to manage them.

He makes his living by providing a service of carpentry to the village people. He makes chairs, tables, and houses and also they owned a small farm in their backyard where they grow edible things.

Soon the girls started entering into their teenagers and they realized their friends were not coming and spending time in a usual way. In order to know the cause of such change, they get into the house of one of their friends. And what they realized was unbelievable. Their friend’s parents mercilessly disobey to let their kids play instead of pressuring them to do stitching and some useful household chores. At that point in time, all three of them feel upset and so wistfully come back to their home.

Father saw their girls and realized that they were sitting in a very silent manner. He asked, “What happened to my chattering triplets? What went wrong today?” Consequently, they narrated everything to their father. They started asking her father if it is necessary for a girl to always indulging in household works.

The girls’ father was having a heart of gold and so he explains delightfully. He explained that it is not mandatory for a woman to be in such stuff, however, one should always learn to involve in a kind of useful work so that they can possibly be don’t rely on others. Whatever a boy can do, a girl can also do it and vice versa. Now, it’s a matter of choice that what a person really feels to follow.

Father ended his sentences by saying, “Strive to be brave enough to stand up for what is right and for what you believe in.” Later they had dinner and fall asleep.

Moral: Empower Women, Empower your world.

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