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Headline: Worry About The Patient Not The Pills

Pharmacy needs of individuals are ever rising in recent times. But searching for the exact medicines at reasonable prices becomes tiresome and caring for the patients takes a backseat. This is when the need of a service provider reaching medicine to the patient’s home is accurately felt.

Pharma-Patient EasyCozy Connect promises to bridge the patient-pharma gap by reaching the reasonable medicines to the needy patients. The Young at home can care more for the aged patients and less about the medicines.

CTA: Connect with the Pharma experts.

Headline: Stay Home to Stay Safe and Fit 

Nowadays, the aged at home do not have the young free enough to run errands for fetching medicines. In fact, even the young people hardly have time to buy their own medicines. Given this, everybody needs somebody to bring their pills and others.

EasyCozy can play that ‘somebody’, bringing you the medicine needed from the nook and corners of your city. The aged and ailing need not worsen their condition by running among pharmacies. 

CTA: Assign the work and rest assured

Headline:Stop city rounds for cheap medicines

The one upmanship in the pharma market has driven customers so crazy that finding the genuinely reasonable price is getting tougher. Every pharmacy would have only a few items sold at a low price. So a constant reliance on one pharma can eventually dent one’s pocket.

It is here that EasyCozy is the most effective: our explorers access the pharma where your medicine is the least priced. Thus, your constant reliance on EasyCozy can help you fish in varied pharmacies to get it at the best price. 

CTA: Start saving on medicines

Headline: Get it all for a pittance

Many carting service providers levy heavy service charges. Some even have hidden charges. Added to that is the issues of distance and time consumed. 

The charges from EasyCozy are clear: only ₹150/- per transaction, within 10 kms from the city headquarters. This is as low as an auto ride would cost. Besides, every additional service within a month will be charged only ₹100/-. 

CTA: Compare our rivals’ charges

Headline: Turn your phone into a pharma counter

It is quite necessary now to have everything available at the tap of finger tips. From food to fodder, all items are ordered online.

EasyCozy is not lagging. You need to open our portal, drop your prescription and address. Our staff get it, and deliver it to your doors at the earliest. All charges, including the service and medicines’, can be paid on delivery.

CTA: Call/Visit our web page to order

EasyCozy has been in the field for a decade now. We have the man force, industry know-how and contacts to get you the best medicines from any corner. You have every reason to bond with us on a long term basis since the benefits for the customers are incremental over a period. 

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