Krishna air purifier services for delhi ncr region

Best air purifiers services in delhi ncr, we will fulfill your all commercial/residential requirements of air purifier with best of our efforts , as we have many satisfied customer all over the region.

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1. Krishna air purifier services best in delhi ncr
1.1) Provide fresh air commercial/residential
1.2)Best performer brand in delhi /ncr
1.3)Zone performance of our brand
1.4)Air purifier is necessary
1.5) Services features.
1.6)Frequently asked questions

Krishna air purifier services Heading 1

Looking for best air purifier services for commercial or residential purpose, as we all deserve a breathe of fresh air

Provides fresh air for  commercial / residential Heading 2

Fresh air is necessary for commercial and residential use, for healthy life clean air is very important part of our life, due to this corona pandemic and different sort of diseases are creepng in our offices and houses, air purifier is the solution for all of this.

Krishna  air purifier services providing different types of purifiers for  your needs, its available in different sizes as well, it is very easy to use  for all age group of people, we are the well established brand as we formed five years back.

Our air purifiers are working efficiently in different malls , hotels, restaurants, residential areas, even in corporate houses all over the delhi ncr region.

Best performer brand in delhi ncr region

We are one of the best performing brand in the field of air purifiers, as we are giving good services to our customers and also providing trial service for two hours as well.

We are getting positive feedbacks from our customers all over delhi and ncr region, most of them are satisfied customers, as we are accepting feedback  from delivery partners too.

Zone performance

East Delhi : We have started our brands from east delhi five years back, in the starting face we were dealing with small air purifiers in east delhi area only with the team of five people, in the first year of our start up we have generated 25 percent sales .

West Delhi : We have started our second office in the next financial year , from west delhi, where we have performed very well, as we have introduced new medium range air purifier.we have generated 30 percent sales

North Delhi : We have launched our new indicator air purifier in the next financial year from north delhi, generated 40 %sales

South Delhi & Gurugram : We have launched many new products in this financial year and increased our sales all over delhi ncr and received good response from our valued customers.

Air purifier is necessary Heading 2

Reduces the risk of diseases like cancer,asthma, allergic reactions, heart diseases as well, fresh  air keeps you and your family healthy

For commercial uses company owners also preferring health of their employees so that they can focus on their work, more and take less leaves.

Our services features

  • We are offering trial run for two hours, to test  the air quality
  • Best filtration system , to purify the water, in the guidance of educated staff.
  • Best carbon filter to filtrate bad particles of water.
  • Our purifier have extra features like indicator button,light, casters & whistles for the indication purpose.
  • We are also providing one year warranty of our product with first three services free of cost.
  • For commercial & residential requirement please contact us on this email

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Q1. What is an air purifier?

Ans: Air purifier is a device, which purifies air quality effectively.

Q2. How air purifier works?

Ans: Air purifier works depends on the types of filters installed in that purifier, for the filtration purpose.

Q3. How many times I can run my purifier ?

Ans: As per the research says , we can run air purifiers 10 to 12 hours a day.

Q4.How to check best quality air purifier?

Ans:Air quality checker device is available in market, to check the exact bad particles of air.

Q5. Where do we place the air purifier?

Ans: Air purifier usually effective in those areas, where groups of people sits.

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