Knowing Artificial Intelligence

Let’s drive to a next generation technology

If I wish to name one of the technologies that are changing the 21st century? Then I would have told, “it’s Artificial Intelligence”. Artificial Intelligence built a dynamic environment and it makes machines think and act like humans.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

The term Artificial Intelligence was first coined by John McCarthy in the year 1956. He defines AI as the science and engineering of making intelligent machines. The development of computer systems that are capable of performing tasks that normally require human intelligence, such as decision making, object detection, solving complex problems, and so on.

AI covers domains such as machine learning, deep learning, neural networks, natural language processing, knowledge-based expert system, and so on. The emergence of AI happened in the 1950s and since then there was exponential growth in its potential.

Why learn Artificial Intelligence?

AI automate human tasks so it can help human to increase their potentials. It can form the basis for complex decision-making as data are increasing and so it’s complications.

How to approach this subject?

Get prior knowledge on Mathematical logic, Discrete Mathematics, Statistics & Probability, and Complex Theory. Any Knowledge of any computer language can help you to enhance your learning ability. Generally, there are two basic modes of learning i.e conventional and unconventional ways. Conventionally, we can buy a book on relative topics. Alternatively, we can follow the trends of e-learning platforms. Usually, videos and pictures can have a greater impact on humans. However, it’s a personal choice as some may fail to arrange all the equipment needed at one go.

Let’s have an insight about this inculcating steam:

Stages of Artificial Intelligence:

  1. Artificial Narrow Intelligence(ANI): Also known as weak AI as its involve machines that can perform a narrowly defined set of specific tasks. At this stage, machine do not possess any thinking ability they just performed pre-defined functions. For e.g., Siri, Alexa, Self Driving Car, Sofia, and so on. Almost all the AI built till date fall under the category of weak Artificial Narrow Intelligence(ANI).
  2. Artificial General Intelligence(AGI): Also known as strong AI as its involve machines that can have the ability to think and make decisions just like humans. There are no existing strong AI. However, soon humans can make a machine that could be as smart as human being. Strong AI is consider as threat to humans. Like stephen hawking once stated, “The development of full AI could spell the end of human race”.
  3. Artificial Super Intelligence(ASI): Where capability of human being surpass the human intelligence. It is a hypothetical situation which is in movies and science fictional book. I believe that machines are not far from reaching such stage taking into consideration the current phase. However such system don’t currently exist.

Types of Artificial Intelligence:

  1. Reactive Machine AI : Reactive Machine AI includes machines that operate solely based on the present data, taking into account only the current situation. Reactive AI machines cannot form inferences from the data to evaluate their future actions. They can performed the narrow range of predefined tasks. The Deep Blue defeated world champion Garry Kasparov(1997) in chess is the impressive reactive AI.
  2. Limited Memory AI : Limited Memory AI can make informed and improved decisions by studying the past data from its memory. It has a temporary memory that can be use to store past experiences and hence evaluate future events. Self-driving cars uses the data collected in the recent past to make immediate decisions. It uses the censors to identify the civilians that are crossing the road, they identify any steep roads and traffic signals and they used it to make essential driving decisions. This also helps in preventing future traffic accidents.
  3. Theory of mind AI : The theory of mind AI will focus mainly on emotional intelligence so that human believes and thoughts can be better comprehend. This category play a major role in human psychology. The theory of mind AI is not fully develop yet. But rigorous research is happening in this area.
  4. Self-Aware AI : The Self- Aware AI includes machines that have their own consciousness and become self-aware. This type of AI does not exist yet. Let’s just fold hands and pray that we don’t reach the state of AI where machine have their own conciousness and become self-aware. This type of AI is far-fetch but achieving the stage of super intelligence. Geniouses like Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking have constantly warned about evolution of AI.

Domains of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence can be used to solve real-world problems. Machine learning, deep learning, robotics, expert systems, fuzzy logic, and natural language processing all are the different branches that AI uses to solve problems. Recently AI is also being used as an application in computer vision and image processing.

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