key elements of WordPress ecosystem

WordPress is an open-source platform used to create own websites. Due to its free nature and providing insurmountable functionalities, it is popular among website builders. In an estimate, millions of websites are built with WordPress. To name a few TechCrunch, Sony Music, BBC America, and MTV news are created with WordPress and the list goes on. It is widely famous among users of all generations.

Overview of WordPress

It is a user-friendly template-based platform to build websites and prior knowledge of coding is not required. Additionally, it provides lots of plugins that can be used in the website to make it dynamic in nature and attractive to see. WordPress consists of thousands of in-built plugins, themes, and widgets. You can choose it based on your choice. Plugins, themes, and widgets give life to the website. These are considered as easiest tools to create a website and even a non-technical person can create his own website using these tools.

Please find the below explanation of Plugins, themes, and widgets

a. Plugins

These are the add-ons used to customize the website’s appearance. Once you select any plugins it will add the necessary content of that plugin. As an example, a plugin called “WooCOmmerce Bookings”, if you install then it will allow customers to book an appointment. As a website builder, you only need to select the type of plugin, and rest assured the plugin will do it itself. Another beautiful plugin known as “Contact Form” is used to create the online drag-and-drop contact form. A wide range of plugins are available in the repository of WordPress.

b. Themes

Themes are the predefined template present in WordPress and it brings a polished look to the website. You can choose the matching theme based on your website content. WordPress themes are used to create design and it shows the front end of your website. It gives the look and feel of the visitors’ visiting websites. It also included the color pattern, background images, fonts, headers, and footers.

c. Widgets

Widgets are the special blocks of the website, most often seen on the right side of the website. It is helpful to maneuver the website easily. Commonly used widgets are signup, calendar, click on a recent post, search bar, etc.

Below are a few examples of websites built using WordPress:

1. Blog

It is a type of website used to put thoughts, photos, knowledge-based articles, and reviews on the internet. For many people, it is also a source of earning. If you have a knack for writing a trendy topic then fetching the viewers are not a big task. Event-based blogging is prominent among many users where they post an image based on the current festival or event. Even-based blogging attracts a larger number of users during festivals to send wishes to their known persons.

2. Information Technology (IT)

The primary use to create IT website is to promote your business. Customers in any part of the world can walk through your website and contact you based on a requirement. Many plugins are available to promote any type of business. WordPress is in high demand to create IT websites.

3. E-commerce

This type of website is used to sell the product online and get payment from a secure payment gateway. Many themes are available in WordPress which is used for the beautification of the website. Controls to navigate the website are available to users to give an elegant look to the website.

4. Educational websites

It is used to put the learning content on the website. Either it is free content or paid. People use the educational website to enhance their knowledge or to learn something new. Educational websites can be made for any age group. A plugin called a learning management system is used to provide online courses to the target audience. Educational websites are predominately used during the Covid-19 pandemic when the whole world was locked under the comfort of their home. Everything went online during that time and people have made good use of their time learning on educational websites.

5. News website

Online news portal can be started using WordPress and the latest content of the news can be published online.

Closing remarks

In addition to the above features and functionality of WordPress, it also provides improved security by updating its website and software on a regular basis to avoid being the victim of cyber-attack. 

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