The City of Bengaluru and its IT Tag

The City of Bengaluru and its IT tag versus its garden city tag

What sounds better for City of Bangalore? India’s Silicon City tag or Garden City Tag. It is debatable and finding a solution is important.

Bengaluru is also called “The Silicon City of India” and the aim of this article is to bring to attention as to how this has caused the city to suffer.

The city of Bengaluru is known now a days more for its IT industry than for its being quiet and charming, also being called a “Pensioner’s Paradise” once upon a time.  The IT boom has caused the city to spread its wings far and wide, but all that tremendous growth comes with a destruction of its own.  The crime rate increases, pollution increases, and cost of living also increase three folds.  The real estate today of the city has touched a pinnacle which no other city in India can compete with.

Once known for its soothing weather and calmness, it has now transformed into a city of dreams to many who come from far off places and end up settling in it.  This massive growth in its infrastructure has caused the then “Garden City” lose its green pastures and the weather there that it is famous for has also taken a toll. It is extremely important for any government to do proper planning before inviting multinational companies to invest in their cities.  If not done appropriately, the effect of it ends up creating a big gap between development and design.  The population there has increased manifolds and the city has been unable to meet its demands, and the city is still growing.  This has changed the “Garden City” into a concrete jungle.

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