7 Key elements of WordPress

WordPress is a free open-source content management system (CMS). It is software where individuals can create websites without having any prior experience of coding. It is a tool to build websites and blogs. This tool is free for everyone and anyone can easily make a website of their own using WordPress. 

Key elements of WordPress

  • Post

Post is the content that is written in WordPress to create a blog. The WordPress posts are what makes your website look interesting. These posts allow the website visitors to make comments on the posts. It is the most used element on WordPress as it requires timely updates. On the WordPress dashboard menu, the posts element can be found easily. You can regularly make content using the post element on WordPress. To make a new post, you can go to the posts section and then click on add a new post.

  • Pages

Pages are just another element like posts on WordPress. Unlike posts, pages don’t require timely updates. Pages usually don’t need regular changes. Pages are created to build a structure on your website. It is used to present static information on the website. Pages don’t allow visitors or anyone to make comments, it is a default setting on WordPress. Different types of pages can be like Home Page, About, Portfolio, Contact Us, and Blog. It is required to have at least one page on your website. 

  • Media

Media is an element you can use to add images, documents, audio files, or videos on WordPress. Basically, it is like a library where all your media files will be shown on your website. With the help of this feature, you can add or delete your media anytime. You can click on add media in the media section to upload any files you want to add to your website.

  • Themes

There is a design element available on WordPress. You can change the appearance of your website by choosing themes. WordPress offers thousands of themes, they are available for free. Our website needs to appear attractive so that it helps us to reach more people. Visitors to our websites usually get attracted by their appearance. The theme helps us to fulfill this factor on WordPress.

  • Plugins

Plugins are the reason why WordPress got so popular and became the most used Content Management System software. The plugin is software that allows you to add any extra function that is not available on WordPress. Basically, it gives an extension to the functionality of WordPress. All those functions or features that are not available on WordPress can be added through plugins. You don’t need to have any programming knowledge to use plugins on WordPress. It can be used without the knowledge of programming languages.

  • Comments

The comments section on WordPress helps you to have a one-to-one interaction. It allows your audience to comment on your posts. It also helps to get sort of feedback from your audience on your blogs. Comments can be edited or deleted at any time. Comments are an effective way of receiving reviews to make changes on your website according to your visitor’s preferences. You can activate comments on your posts or pages on the website. The admin can enable or disable comments.

  • Users

The user tool allows many people to have access to the website. Any person who has access to the website’s dashboard is the user of the website. Different users can have different roles on the website. Those are Editors, Administrators, Authors, Subscriber and Contributor. The admin has full access to the website’s actions. Whereas other users have limited access to the actions of the website. They can only operate the actions they are assigned to by the admin or the registered user. 

 Concluding Remarks

WordPress is extremely helpful for those who wish to start their blog. Its features and functions have made it easy to create a website without any knowledge of coding. The good thing is that it doesn’t cost us any money to build our own website. Its key element is a powerhouse with the functions that come with it 

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