Increase Your Reading Speed With 4 Easy Methods

Do you find yourself reading slowly?  

Do you catch yourself in that rut where you have to read certain sentences over and over again? 

Do you remember that long essay in a newspaper or a magazine, a long e-mail, or those never-ending business reports that need your immediate attention and how you couldn’t finish reading them on time?  

Simply put, do you want to read quicker than before? 

Then, there’s an easy fix to all these predicaments!  

Imagine picking up a heavy-duty piece of writing that you HAVE to read immediately. It could be a book you want to finish reading over the weekend (do share some recommendations!) or a scientific journal or your boss wanted that analysis from you yesterday. 

Now, imagine that you can read that in double, if not triple your usual reading speed!  

Sounds unbelievable? 

You can ACTUALLY speed read effectively with the methods in the book Speed Reading in 1 Hour by Justin Hammond.  

The book introduces the concept of speed reading with its advantages, disadvantages, and then the methods. These methods will not just increase your reading speed but data retention as well.  

The book Speed Reading in 1 Hour also discusses certain bad reading habits that we develop over some time. Then, it delves step by step into how you can break them as well.  

For example, do your lips move when you read OR do you glance over the text ahead out of curiosity or simply, habit? 

These are a few habits discussed in the book along with certain others that make you realize that this book should have come your way early in your life!  

Once you understand these habits that hold you back, there are solutions offered by the author to work on them too.  

Also, there are passages in the book itself to practice on and website links to follow to know more about your manner of reading. If put to use, over some time you start to notice a change in how you read. 

But, (and there’s always a but!) the biggest disclaimer for readers is that you have to work hard to apply the methods and practice. Also, this book is an introduction to the concept of speed reading. So, if you are a beginner to this concept, you may admire what the author has to offer.  

The methods are explained in a simple format that is easy to grasp and there are some wonderful takeaways to look forward to.  

For example, after reading this book- 

– You may absorb information quickly.  

– Your mind may more remain alert. 

– Your memory retention may improve. 

This book is a short read that you can finish on a lazy Sunday evening or a long commute.  

As a side note, I have been applying the author’s methods for a long time. They are helpful but definitely, need a lot of practice! Initially, I remember feeling overwrought with all the methods, but once you get the hang of them, they deliver the required results. 

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