Increase traffic by using links in the blog

For the last two decades links played an important role in search engine optimization. Links are a major way to increase your website rank and traffic on the internet. In post covid era it becomes more important as the world comes even closer by the means of the internet.

              So, to get started what are links? Links are an important way to connect pages or work. You can use the link in our online or offline work to direct you to a specific location. This will increase the flexibility of our work. In the case of online work, it even plays an important role as the rank of your website is decided through links, So let’s learn some types of links and related terminology.

              Internal links: Internal links are links within the same website. Internal links help to redirect visitors to other content on your website. It will increase both traffic on other pages of a website as well as awareness about your other offerings. You can find other articles to optimize SEO on Ipub.

              Inbound links: Inbound links are links referring to your website from another website. This is the crucial point to increase your SEO rank as one inbound link is considered as one vote for deciding to rank. Although number of inbound links matters but the quality of links also plays an important role. Google the biggest search engine give more importance to the quality of link then number of links. Here quality is assessed by credibility and diversity of link sources (outside website).

              How to get inbound links: As content is the main desert on the plate you should focus more on writing excellent content. you should also take care about the presentation of content because as a writer you should present your thoughts in a very crisp way. You can also use guest posting, expert interviews and social media to increase your inbound link count.

              Backlink: when some website gives a link or recommendation to your site it will act as a backlink for that website. You can further improve your website reach by using some SEO packages

              Outbound link: opposite to inbound link when you will give a link to another website it will be considered as an outbound link. You should limit the use of outbound links as in SEO outbound links are considered as vote leakages. But the use of some useful outbound links will improve your visitor’s experience. It will also indicate your urge to satisfy readers’ curiosity.

              Anchor text: Anchor texts are another important aspect of search engine optimization. Normally when we want to give a link we have two options. One is writing plane links like . This seems good but we can present it with limited word use like What is Anchor Text? We can also call anchor text a link label or title. With the use of anchor text, we can make our blog or site more presentable.

              So with the help of this overall stuff, you can not only improve the rank of your site but also improve the quality of your site. When the rank of your site will improve you’re your site will be shown at the top positions on google which will indirectly improve your traffic and conversion.

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