Links importance for a SEO friendly article.

An SEO friendly article is a type of content that has been optimised so that it ranks high on search engines. An author’s goal is to have a healthy reach of the article to readers, so writing an SEO friendly article becomes the author’s top priority.

Links are excellent elements for making a blog SEO friendly and assisting the author in expanding the reach of the published article. Search engines frequently prioritize articles with frequently used informative links over articles with little to no use of a link.

Anchor Text

An anchor text is any clickable text in a blog post or online article that takes the user to a different website with details on the piece they are currently reading. Generally, an anchor text appears in a different color, and often with an underline to give it a clear distinction from the rest of the text. A blog can undoubtedly benefit from using frequent anchor text for SEO friendly blog.

An example of an anchor text can be a ” Click Here” tab to guide the user to a story published by Dhruv Pandey entitled “An Evening on the Bridge”.


A link is basically a component on a webpage that guides a user to a different website or any other resource. Generally, a link can be identified as a blue underlined text with the websites’ s address. A link, as contrast to an anchor text, can be a text, an image, or a button, and it can direct a user to a page on the same website or another one entirely.

Consider the following statement, “Click on the link to follow Dhruv Pandey on Instagram.

Inbound link

An inbound link guides a user to a webpage within the same website. Inbound links can be the most important elements for a search engine optimization (SEO) article, increasing the visibility and reach of the article published. More the quality inbound links in an article, the greater the chances for a search engine to give weightage to the post and appear at the top searches.

Consider a fiction article published in the ipub pro website. The inbound link to read the story is This link will lead any user to a different webpage of the same website where Dhruv Pandey has posted a story.

Outbound link

An outbound link is a link that points the user to an external domain. Generally, most publishers use an outbound link to provide more information about the published article. The links can be their own social media handle or another website and blog created by the publisher which provides more information related to the article. An outbound link is a vital element for any SEO article, publicizing the author/publisher and increasing the article’s reach and credibility.

For example, a mapping expert/technical and content writer provides his LinkedIn id to increase his reach and offers users with more such types of articles.

To know more about mapping and technical writing connect with the author on LinkedIn.


A backlink points to a webpage from another website. Let’s say a blog post has a link to a website that, when clicked, takes us to the website’s landing page. For that particular website the link published on this blog will act as a backlink.

Clicking SEO packages will lead the reader to the official sixpl website and this acts as a backlink to the external website.

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