Important Elements in SEO

Anchor text

Anchor text is the clickable text that appears in a hyperlink. It is designed to stand out from the rest of the text so that users know it can be clicked on. So, it should have a different colour than regular text. Often it is blue. Other stylistic elements, like an underline, can be added. Anchor text should indicate to users what kind of page they’ll be taken to if they click the link.

Importance of anchor text

  • Relevant anchor text can improve website rankings on Google
  • It can enhance user experience
  • Both search engines and readers use anchor text to determine what a linked page is about.
  • Relevant anchor text helps the Google algorithm understand the site structure. And that provides it with more context about how different pages are related to each other. 
  • When we add anchor text to our content, we have complete control over how descriptive it is.

For example, the anchor text “best pizza” tells Google that the page that follows is about the best pizza.  Why anchor text is important for SEO


A link is an HTML object that allows you to jump to a new location when you click or tap it. Links are found on almost every webpage and provide a simple means of navigating between pages on the web.

Links can be attached to text, images, or other HTML elements. Most text links are blue since that is the standard colour web browsers use to display links. However, links can be any colour since the style of the link text may be customized using HTML or CSS styles.

Internal link

An internal link is one that points to another page on the same website. Internal links are links that go from one page on a domain to a different page on the same domain. They may be used in the main navigation menu or on the content of the page.

  • They allow users to navigate a website.
  • They help establish information hierarchy for the given website.
  • They help spread link equity (ranking power) around websites.

Back Link

Back Link or external links point to another domain, this includes links from a page on our site to another site, and links pointing from other sites to our site. Backlinks are basically voting from other websites. Each of these votes tells search engines: “This content is valuable, credible and useful”. So, the more of these “votes” you have, the higher your site will rank in Google and other search engines.

Outbound link

Outbound links are links that point from your website to another. They are often used within content to add more context and to link a reader to another source that will add additional and important information to the topic at hand. Some refer to outbound links as ‘authority links,’ which is a concept that comes from the fact that writers often use outbound links to back up information in their articles and link out to authoritative sources.

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