Importance and benefits of reading books in today’s generation

  In today’s generation where everything is available on the internet, Book reading has taken a back seat. Reading books every day allows learning something new and it is one of the best forms of self-education. According to the world literacy foundation, a person can read and educate themselves in any area of life such as arts, science, religion, nature, technology, etc – anything and everything in the world where one can imagine and create a new world with endless possibilities.

Some of the benefits of reading books are:

  • Increase of vocabulary: – reading helps to learn more words and understand their meaning for better learning.
  • Improves concentration: – Reading books take time, which helps in improving patience and concentration. When you read you can find an explanation for unfamiliar words.
  • Reading improves empathy:- empathy is being able to relate or understand how others are feeling, reading thoughts from others is understood in our minds whether it may be fiction or non-fiction.
  • You will become a better communicator:- with an increased vocabulary, one can become a better communicator.
  • It helps to improve writing:- the increased creativity and communication, skills, and vocabulary gained from reading much improve your writing.
  • Reading makes you more intelligent:- Reading is like training for the brain, and regular reading helps in increasing the power of memorization and helps you become more intelligent.
  • Increased imagination and creativity:- the written word stimulates your mind to create images. The human brain is programmed with visual imaginary things, we identify photos of objects a lot faster by just reading a sentence that describes the appearance of the object. Our mind will automatically bring up images even without us trying.

According to a study in a neurology journal (2013), the habit of Reading can improve memory, enhances critical thinking skills, improves inventiveness, and expands vocabulary and knowledge. Today we are in the age where the internet is overflowing with information, to learn something it is easy to watch youtube video or listen to a podcast but one can improve comprehension and increase education by reading books as it is the best way to rationalize and relate to further information.

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