Impacts of Online Free Speech on Politics.

Earlier days, mostly the politicians’ speeches and articulation had performed publicly, like everything had been done on the selected places where the citizens had gathered to listen them. At that time, when the elected party wanted to connect to the people and shared their perspective, beliefs, dogma to make some impacts on their people, they had a few choices to do it, perform rallies to make connection directly, television ads, news channel, newspapers ads and pamplet of their party.

But as of now, the elected parties have myriad options to create a stronghold of their parties. They can share their policies, plans regarding the developments of the country, and plans to eradicate the poor people’s distress on various platforms and one of them is the most in demand, social media.

Online free speech plays a vital role to become a ruling party of any country. There is sometimes no restriction on their sharing thoughts to their voters. Defaming of opponent parties will not be treated as criminalized act. Parties take the advantages of the online free speech lapse.

One thought on “Impacts of Online Free Speech on Politics.

  1. 🌐 Online free speech has revolutionized political communication, providing politicians with numerous platforms to connect with voters and share their perspectives. However, it also raises concerns about defamation and the spread of misinformation. A dynamic shift in political discourse! 🗣️📱

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