The UPSC-Civil services- The league begins

No less than a game, UPSC-Civil services is a league. The moment I made my firm decision, my battle was set. The game has begun and I am ready to play. Here is my 1st blog which deciphers my first month of being an aspirant.

Is your decision made?
Did you make the decision or someone else did?

1. Where there is a will, there is a way.

Deciding to play the game is the foremost and pretty obvious move of mine coz from here, I was assured that I am a player and UPSC-civil services is what I have chosen to play. It talks about two things. First, I was ready to take responsibility for my decision and second, I was ready to give more than my best. Even though obvious, I till now couldn’t decide what I wanna play but every action has a reason. You got me there. I found my reason and in no time, I was on the playing field. So, make sure your decision is made and it is yours.

Failing to plan is planning to fail. - Analyze and evaluate yourself every day
Analyze and evaluate yourself everyday.

2. Failing to plan is planning to fail.

Getting caught on the back foot is the part of the play but the lesson was not to repeat. I am caught repeating my mistakes in the past. This time, I made myself clear with one thing. Failing to plan is planning to fail. For this game, the strategy which I imposed and is still imposing is to know the game. It is to know what I am doing right now, the next day, the next week, the next few months, this year and the coming year.

Focus on the most important points and then take on the least important ones. This way, you won't trip while preparing for your UPSC Civil services examinations.
Focus on the most important points and then take on the least important ones. This way, you won’t trip.

3. The initial part is an essential one.

Recently, I cancelled my trip to a theme park. Not because I had boring friends although I do but because I couldn’t analyze my priorities. This was just a trip but if I don’t learn, I will trip in the future. The habit is on its way but the realization has come. Get hold of the most important things and then get down to the least important ones. i.e. Important things is to know and strategize. Then comes the later part which is to start and study.

In UPSC-civil services, a few things which I have learned this month are the 4 initials. [Sources – google]

  • Know and by heart your syllabus.
  • Digest the papers and the paper pattern.
  • Stick to your study material.
  • Newspaper is your second mother.
  • Master the above points and don’t change your strategies.
the takeaway of August month. - there is a big red ball carried by a person which defines that the person is carrying a takeaway. the takeaway is the writer's realization which will take the writer one step closer to her dream of clearing UPSC - Civil services.
The takeaway of August month.

4. The takeaway of August month.

What distinguishes Vision IAS exams from the UPSC exams?

I’d been reading Vision IAS papers and assumed that’s how they’d ask in our main examinations, but one day I had to start with my static syllabus and chose to look through the actual papers to have a proper sense of what to study and how to study. I was trying to find General Studies I. I was shocked and had a 90-degree turn when I realized the two sheets weren’t identical.

Vision IAS, in my opinion, are excellent for honing your understanding of current affairs because their papers are primarily concerned with current events. As a result, I came to understand that I cannot entirely rely on vision IAS. If I have to evaluate myself, I have to fall back on the previous papers which were given in UPSC- Civil services examinations. As you analyse the GS papers, they have been divided into various subjects. From this, current affairs is one of them. [to know the exact division of papers, refer to your syllabus.]

How will Vision IAS help you, then? As I previously stated, current events is your second mother. You can gauge your familiarity with the news by practicing these papers, and it will be helpful to write your responses in essay papers and in your answers as well where it is applicable.

I wish you all the best for the UPSC League!

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