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Security guard company Montgomery Alabama

Vision and Values of the Company-

When physical security services is needed for short term or long term, Citizen’s Guard Security is the ideal service provider for armed security guards services in Montgomery Alabama .  

As a former law enforcement and military Veteran; the proprietor of the company asserts its knowledge, skills, and values into our professional security staff in order to provide you the excellent customer service you deserve. Security guard services in Montgomery Alabama.    

Types of Security Personal

  • Security Guard
  • Security Officer
  • Armed Security Officer
  • Patrol Officer
  • Loss Prevention Officer
  • Site Security Supervisor
  • Site Security Manager
  • Security Consultation
  • Law Enforcement Officer

The Security Guard Company will provide professionally trained and licensed Security Guard, Security Officers, Armed Security Officers, and Patrol Officers. Security guard company in Montgomery Alabama.  

Types of Security Coverage

  • Retail Security
  • Construction Sites
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Industrial Sites
  • Hotels
  • Event Security
  • Short Term Service
  • Point of Entry 
  • Workplace Violence Prevention
  • Armed Security Officers
  • Facility Checks
  • Fire-watch

Citizen’s guard security services offered are as follows:

Off duty officers

Citizen’s Guard Security offers Off Duty Law Enforcement Officer who are hold a Alabama certification and are often off duty police officers, military, and officers who hold a law enforcement certification. All ODO LEO’s have the authority to arrest and use force to stop aggressive behaviors. All law enforcement officers are either active, retires or former police officers who have been trained and hold experience. All LEO’S are able to provide security services in Montgomery Alabama.

Armed security officers

Citizen’s Guard Security offers Armed Security Officers are trained, certified and licensed with the Alabama Division of Licensing. All Armed Security Officers hold  license are certifies with less lethal devices such as baton, pepper spray, taser, and handcuffs. All Armed Security Officers are able to provide security services in Mobile Alabama. Providing security guard service in Montgomery Alabama.  

Armed Security Officers are professionally trained to prevent and stop activity that would be critical in the protection of property and personal safety. In some locations, they they hold specialized license and have authority to make arrest if the observe a crime.  Armed Security Officers has proven background in security. 

Unarmed security guards

As the premier security guard company in Montgomery Florida, Citizen’s Guard Security officers unarmed security guards. Unarmed security guards will observe and report incidents they observe on their watch. They hold no arrest powers but are able to assist law enforcement when called. All unarmed security guards hold security license.  Security guard company in Montgomery Alabama.  

Unarmed Security Guards are entry level guards who often provide unarmed services. The are tasked to only Observe & Report. Unarmed Security Guards can provide a great value for a strict security budget. Unarmed Security Guards are always willing and able to deter, Observe & Report suspicious behavior for their clients. 

Mobile vehicles

 The Citizen Guard Security provides easy mobile vehicle facilities for operations such as facility checks, covering patrol, short term on site security, and rapid response.   

All Mobile Vehicle Patrol are conducted by specialized license security officers and include both fleet and non fleet vehicles. 

Site Security Supervisor

The site Security Supervisors will help to supervise security sites that require multiple security officers or multiple shifts. They are often task as the site liaison between the client and security team at the security site. 

Regional Security Managers

Security Managers are available to oversee local operations and are tasked with team building and  fitting the client with professional security staff that would fit with the unique personalities qualities of its customers.

Buford security agency

At Buford Security, we offer a complete menu of security services, including unarmed guards, armed guards, event staff, and mobile patrol services. Our team is comprised of employees with years of experience and professionalism. Our focus is on keeping people safe and protecting your valuables.

DSI Security Services

The motto of DSI is simple – Do What You Say You Will Do. DSI Security Services takes pride in staying true to our word with both our clients and employees by instilling “DWYSYWD” into every aspect of our company. It goes back to over half a century ago when our founder, A.B. Clark, would seal deals with just a handshake. Our commitment to doing what we say we will do is not just our company motto – it’s our promise to you.

Allied Universal

When it comes to custom security solutions, only Allied Universal® provides the right combination of security personnel, training, and cutting-edge technology to meet your organization’s unique needs. Your physical security needs are provided at the site level by local account management, backed by the support of a branch office in your area alongside an established national organization that uses best practices in hiring, training, and customer service and quality assurance.

Workable solutions

Are committed to the highest standards in the security industry We believe that security is a serious task. Where adaptable solutions must be deployed wisely to address dynamic challenges and to counter reasonably foreseeable risks.

Inner Parish Security Solutions

The goal is to provide the best services for a well-designed, cost-effective security program that protects our clients’ personnel and assets, adds value and provides a competitive edge to our clients and other stakeholders through minimization and mitigation of security incidents. Our staff has the experience necessary as former military, intelligence and law enforcement operatives with a collective experience base extensive enough

Weiser Security Services inc.

Weiser Security is uniquely qualified to provide manufacturers with industrial security services.  We understand what is required to maintain a professional and safe working environment.  Weiser Security’s extensive portfolio of current manufacturing clients who speaks to the quality of our security solutions.

Security Engineers,Inc

Security Engineers provides best-in-class contract security solutions and innovative technology integrations to clients across the U.S. At the core of Security Engineers’ services is our professional security officers.

Security Services,LLC

Armed and Unarmed Security Officers for State Contract Security, Mall & Shopping Center Security, Construction Site Theft Prevention, Warehouse Gate Guard Security, Hospital & Medical Facility Security, Real Estate Sales and Auctions Security, and more.

They  tailor their services to fit your industry, retail, private or government facilities. It is our goal to understand your security needs and provide the best service possible.

TP Surveillance

The company helps to craft a comprehensive security solution tailored to your needs. This includes a security system to safeguard the interior of your home, security cameras for external surveillance, video doorbells to monitor visitors, and smart locks for enhanced access control. Together, these components form a robust defense system, providing you with peace of mind and complete protection for your home and loved ones.

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