How To Write Posts That Gets the Attention of Readers

Human behaviours are different because we have different ways of approaching and reacting to things. So for these reasons, getting people’s attention became a hard knot to crack on a daily basis as we create content for our readers. Now the question is how do you write posts that get the reader’s attention?.

 People are been distracted from all angles, from politics to economics, health to social life, everything people see is a distraction. The average reader on the web spend 15 seconds on an article, about 55% of them spent an average of that 15 seconds of time to determine if they will continue reading or not. The seven points below show you exactly how to write posts that get the attention of your readers.

Ask Questions Upfront: One way to draw someone’s attention is by asking him a question. Many writers do not follow this technique very well. So, when you ask them questions upfront, especially those question that can align with them or what they are looking to get an answer from, you will surely get them to listen to what you want to say. Why? Because you had proved in your question that you care about them for that reason for which they will give you their eyes.

Be Open to Readers: Readers are made up of different people from all works of life. They’re equally intelligent. So if you as a writer have some preconceived opinion about something they knew, let them know. They can tell when you have concluded your judgment about certain issues. They are always aware of where you are driving at and that will give them a reason to pay attention to you. This doesn’t mean the writer is not presenting the points with his best of knowledge. It simply means to carry your readers along on your ideas and thoughts.

Know Your Audience: A particular story can not be made for everyone, one headline can not interest everybody. Taking time to know your audience, will make them pay attention to you. You will write a post that catches their interest, posts that will help them solve their personal problems, community problems, health issues, finances, and otherwise. When you as a writer create posts that help to raise the vibration and energy of your readers, you will see them coming to you, reading your posts, and accepting your suggestions.

We might as well use our personal life as an example. If you don’t have any use for something will you go and buy it? Of course not, nobody wants to put their energy in unproductive activities, the same thing goes with readers and their interests.

Maintain a Style: The writer must pay very close attention to style. It may sound ridiculous but is true, the writing must be presentable. About 80% of Americans wants to become authors, but more than half failed due to inability to cope with rejections after many years. A writer must be willing to improve on himself and improve on his style if he dares anyone to listen to him and pays attention.

Whether what you are saying is right or wrong, style matters for the first impression. If your work is not attractive people might not like to get closer to listen to you, even when what you say made sense or not.

Conduct a Right Research: As we all know personal knowledge and experience on a particular topic is important, but that alone is not enough to come out with a good and interesting answer for readers to get that much interest on what we are writing. In order to have a safe landing and come up with interesting responds or post to help readers solve their problems, an effort should be made by a writer to check other people’s work. They can be experts in that field and professionals in that domain, this is otherwise known as research.

Now that the internet is common it easier to research a topic now than in past years before the internet became popular. One can also research by conducting an interview with an expert in that field or someone that has experienced similar things. This will put you the writer in a better position to write about that topic and readers will be interested and pay attention to you.

Organize your Thoughts: Put your ideas in chronological order. Make sure the most important points are placed at the beginning to attract the reader’s interest. Most people are likely to continue with the first paragraph if the headline attracts them. They will read the second paragraph when the first appease their interest, and that is how it goes.

So for you, the writer to write a perfect post that gets the attention of readers, you must place a priority on the most important points, thoughts, and ideas at the very beginning of your writing, no matter what type of writing it is, and for people, it is meant to serve.

Create a Better Story: If you want people to pay attention to you, you must know how to tell a better story, an interesting one that will hook your readers. You will learn to embellish your work with impressive scenarios. Do not write your work for writing’s sake, let them see the picture and feel it.

Storytelling is a powerful way to arose and arrest people’s interests and make them focus. Remember those days with our grannies when they begin to share their stories every one pays special attention to those stories. Same thing is applicable today, very often in our writing, we must use it, to bring humor, to make the ideas lively and soul lifting.


Getting the attention of readers these days is difficult but not impossible. The writer only needs to pay attention to those points highlighted above and put it into consideration and practice it, then he will begin to get readers interest and attention. Every good work starts with consistency and practice, little by litter he or she will begin to notice changes and improvement.

Hope this post helps you in addressing how to write a perfect post that gets the attention of readers. More will be coming your way I assure you. Do not forget to like this post, and leave me a comment if you have questions, recommendations, and contributions. See you in the comment section. 

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