How To Develop Speaking Skills Through Reading?

This article discusses the most searched question – how to improve speaking skills?

Learning to speak the English language can be an extremely rewarding and joyous process once nailed. Knowing how to properly speak in English is an imperative as it is the most widely spoken language in the world. If a person in the US wants to interact with someone in Russia — English will (most probably) be the common denominator.

Although while in the cradle stages of speaking the language, it is common for people to become anxious and nervous, thereby, hampering their speaking abilities. Most people in the world can read English, but not as many are fluent. This is because there is a huge disparity between the written language and the spoken one.

Despite this fact, developing speaking skills can only be done through reading. This because there is a direct relationship between the two; that is, if one skill increases, the other is bound to increase. Therefore, the more you read, the better you will speak. 

Here are the top ways in which you can improve speaking skills through reading. 

How to improve speaking skills by reading out

Speaking it out while reading is one of those ‘good old ways’ to increase your speaking skills. There is a reason behind it — If you pick up a book from a revered author, there is a good chance that there will be an inherent sense of tone and rhythm in the book.

So, if you speak out the words while reading the book, that tone and rhythm is bound to reflect in your spoken words. If you keep doing this more often by picking up different kinds of books from different kinds of authors, a natural sense of tone and rhythm will get inbuilt into your psyche. This will help you speak the language in a more natural and expressive way, rather than just blurting out some English words you already know. Remember that while speaking, tone is everything. Reading will help you achieve that tone. 

Improve your lexicon

The lexicon is the overall branch of your knowledge of words, meanings, sentence build up, etc. There is no other way to increase your lexicon to a good extent other than reading. Remember the situation where you know the feeling or the general idea behind a thing, but do not have the word to express it? Happens to the best of us! Although the voracious readers are less akin to situations such as these.

They have the arsenal to appropriately express themselves. Even in speech. So, while you are reading something, always keep a notepad by your side. Jot down the new words that you come across on the notepad. Look up these words and write their meanings in the same pad.

Go through them once or twice in a week(yes, that’s enough,) — and you are good to go! Soon they will naturally make way into your spoken language and render you the articulation you need while speaking. 

Group Readings

Group readings are a great way to build a community of English readers and speakers. Join a group (or start one,), where you sit together for a few hours, read some chapters and discuss about them.

This will not only enhance your speaking abilities while reading, but also give you a hands-on practice of conversing in English while you discuss the material. Starting a group reading experience will enhance your speaking abilities in a realistic way. 

Final Thoughts 

Reading is, perhaps, the best gift to mankind. It will not just enhance your speaking abilities but will entirely change you as a person — for the better. 

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