How ERP Software Enhances Education System and Student Results

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The school is shaping the future of the nation. Recently, the National Education Policy 2020 is formed to improve the education system of the school. It focuses on the revision of the syllabus and practical based learning. To implement it effectively, the automation of certain procedures is needed. Manual efforts of teachers consume their time and energy with an inadequate outcome.

 Hindrances in the Manual Operation of the School

Currently, teachers need to maintain the attendance of students. Administrative and clerical tasks suck most of the precious time that has to be utilized in teaching in a classroom. Consequently, teachers are deprived of their main object that is teaching.

They require to arrange parents meeting to communicate with parents about the performance of students. It consumes the time of teachers and parents. A meeting is held for a limited duration, it is impossible to have one to one conversation to each of the parents.

Sometimes parents also unable to attain such meetings due to their work and other responsibilities. Hence, parents unable to get informed regarding the academic performance of students.  

Installing Cloud-Based Managing Software in the School

However, the incorporation of cloud-based managing software improves productivity, accuracy, and efficiency of education and administrative system of the school.

It saves entire data on the remote server and gives complete security and data protection. It requires no expensive hardware and maintenance, hence gives effective outcomes at affordable prices.

It provides a one-click solution to manage all administrative and procedural tasks. The school gets various benefits in following aspects with such software:

Benefits of integration of ERP System:

Education System

Consequently, teachers don’t need to do administrative work and they can focus on teaching and helping students to solve difficulties. It improves the quality of education.

The software provides the facility to mark the attendance of students directly on laptops or smartphones of teachers. Hence, teachers don’t need to keep bulky attendance registers. Teachers can keep updated parents about the performance of students in a school with real-time messages and notification on their phone with the help of cloud-based software.

As a result, parents do not need to attain parents meeting and getting worried about the performance of their child. Parents can get notification of even homework and examination of the student by using such software.

Administrative System

Automation in the administrative task of the school is the major USP of the cloud-based software. Now, parents can download and fill up the admission form online. The fees can be paid online without rushing towards the school and stand up in the long queue for hours.

Total transparency and clear understanding of salary, income, and expenses with statistical data raise the confidence of the teaching and other staff on the administrative system. It helps to increase productivity and efficiency.

Managing Staff

The school staff is easily managed with such software. It facilitates online verification of the documents of a newly appointed employee. The appointment or the resignation of any employee is just a single click away.

Staff members easily manage inventory, stores, and fees as per their respective designations with such software. It exhibits real-time information about the staff, hierarchy, and tasks done by them. It helps in the mutual coordination of the staff.

Bottom Line

The cloud-based managing (ERP) software boosts the efficiency of the school in all aspects right from the education system to managing staff. It provides a secure and economical solution that saves time, effort, and cost of the school by assuring quality education.

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