The roof is made to protect your home from any exterior damage that nature can cause, but winds can topple trees, telephone poles, and vehicles. Other climatic conditions, like storms accompanying strong winds, rain, hailstorms, heat waves, etc., impact our roofs significantly.

Winds can damage your roof in different ways by making the roof’s material or the edges loose, and they can lift shingles or curl them, cause water spots or leaky roofs, etc. According to natural weather services, severe thunderstorms with 90 mph can destroy the roof, but wind speed less than 17 to 45 mph also can lift loose shingles and cause leaky roofs, which can be spotted by a Roof repair specialist who knows about roof leak repair according to the area and weather of that place.

To keep your roof strong, one must first see the root cause of the roof leak. Even a small leakage or a hole can cause a lot of damage after the storm if left undetected, so a thorough inspection is needed by a commercial roof repair person. There are various reasons for roof damage, and roof repair services can help you to find out the damage and how it is caused. Some of the reasons are

  • Curling : Due to the direction or speed of the wind, some parts of the roof are more prone to wind damage. The wind can go beneath a single piece of a shingle leading to a curl or complete tear of the roof, and if this happens, the roof will be prone to leakage, so you should contact a roof repair service nearby.
  • Damage by debris : Strong winds carry branches and debris of trees and other objects which fall on roofs, causing breakage and damage to the roof.
  • Lifting : Strong winds can lift your shingle by uprooting nails that cannot be detected from the ground.

One should be careful of apparent signs of damage the winds have caused and call a residential roofing contractor who can check the gutters that overflow due to the clogged and leaky roof. Sometimes, the chimney flashing is missing, cracked, or split after the storm. It should be repaired immediately. You can take the help of a chimney leak repair service expert, and they can find the damage quickly.

If you live in a place with more storms and high winds, you should get one’s roof inspected twice a year by any roof replacement service. Sometimes these commercial roof repairs give free roof inspections of your roof. One can get it checked by them so that the roof repair is done before the windy season to keep the house and roofing safe. One can also ask for recommendations from friends, neighbours, or the internet for some good commercial roof repair nearby and if they are licensed to work and insured.

Some roof repairs are inevitable, so one should always keep an eye on and make repairs after the storm to prevent further damage from another storm.

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