How about Writing a Book?

It’s a beautiful thought to just imagine doing something new although I don’t have much time. Sometimes I ponder when an impactful line comes in front of me due to social media platforms, such as Twitter. One such tweet is: “If you wish to do it, you will definitely do it, otherwise you will find an excuse.” Exactly this condition does not stand for me by now.

I am in my academic year and I have a lot of things in my hand to do. I need to byheart my subjects and also had to complete my assignments on time. It is difficult to do all at once. Also, the Diwali festival is near so we all have to get involved in cleaning and preparations for the dazzling night.

Writing a book is such a charming thought. It can illuminate your inner soul. And you consider your life more pleasing and appealing. Writing is a part where your thoughts written in words, sentences, and inculcated to become a beautiful chapter of your life.

I will definitely try to fulfil this wish once I settled in some good economical thing. Till then, I have my diary, which is always on my side. I keep sharing my thoughts and never be looking to rear people. Because instead of wondering, why not to discover something.

I like to share my experience which became magical due to COVID. I am grateful for the platform which ECT(Education and Career Times) provided to the evergreen writers.

I would love to encourage others to just give one chance to share their story because it’s worth it. It brings a new phase to one’s journey.

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