Health is wealth

During the pandemic, all educational institutions were closed to control spread of the disease.Outdoor

recreation was not possible as living was restricted to indoors.This was the main reason for depression in


Online classes on laptops and mobiles made them sedentary ,which lead to obesity.Inactivity

put their health at great risk.Urgent action is required to increase physical activity to improve the health

of the adolescents.

The health benefits of physical activity include improved cardio respiratory and muscle fitness.It also

improves cardiometabolic health and fitness.

Physical activity has a positive impact on cognitive

development and socializing even in adulthood.>pa-health

Moderate or vigorous physical activity for an hour is needed per day,to achieve desired health

benefits.Exercises like Yoga , brisk walks, swimming, sports and hiking give desired physical

fitness.Inactivity is the reason for premature mortality.It increases 20% to 30% risk of death compared to

people who are sufficiently active.

It is for us to accumulate the wealth of good health through an active lifestyle and to lead a happy life .

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