Have you heard of Broccoli Coffee?

“A brilliant way to gulp healthy & smart together!”

I was always fascinated by the beautiful broccoli. Being a citizen of India, broccoli was a rare sight a few decades ago for us. During my childhood, the local vegetable vendor never used to keep broccoli. Only elite supermarkets used to have encouraged imported veggies like broccoli.

Same was the case with coffee. Surprised?

Yes, born during the 1970s, as a north Indian kid, I usually was more familiar with milk, tea or lemonade. Soda or coffee was not included in our daily diet. 

*In south India, the scenario is diverse. There, people are more generous towards coffee. Other staple beverages as tea or coconut milk are secondary*

Let’s come back on the BROCCOLATTE

Google search suggested it as dried broccoli powder mixed within formal coffee. A spontaneous idea came to me to discuss this topic with my readers.

Broccoli & Coffee nutrients

Fibre, Vitamins A, B1, B6 & E, potassium, copper, magnesium, zinc, niacin, selenium, riboflavin & nominal traces of sodium.

*Milk, cream or sugar (if added) would be measured separately*

The concept behind Broccoli Coffee

COMMONWEALTH  SCIENTIFIC, INDUSTRIAL RESEARCH ORGANISATION & HORT INNOVATION, established in Australia are the developers of the concept of broccoli coffee.

The idea is to reduce the waste of broccoli excessively grown. The concept is to utilize the product to the optimum level. Why not? If it is reasonable!

Only the head of broccoli is used, not the lower stem portion. Stem parts of the broccoli are consumed in the further cultivation process.

Moreover, broccoli coffee will improve nourishing intake as a bonus health benefit.

Broccoli: A cruciferous vegetable (most effective to cure cancer & heart disease)

Its intake would simply boost health benefits. Two heaping spoonfuls of broccoli powder brewed in an interesting beverage will serve the nourishment equivalent one meal.

Ginger, lemon, tulsi, etc… Teas are already with us then why broccoli coffee?

We Indians have a preference for opting for traditional. Yet we tend to adopt any new notion if it uniforms with our original norms.

Indians are typically tea enthusiasts. Middle-class still found out of latte stations, barista culture or cafes.

It is a little hard for a lot of people to digest this ingenious concept of broccoli coffee.

We indulge in coffee or tea to burst out stress. We never speculate about the health facet while our leisure. Coffee is leisure for sure.

Obsessed with your coffee?

Possessiveness won’t allow people to change or shift!

If not interested to interrupt your traditional coffee by adding or removing anything. Make some efforts & try other options.

Whipped broccoli powder into smoothies would add extra colour & nutrition, mix with fruit salad or vegetable salad, combine with oatmeal, etc. There are various ways to adopt healthier eating habits.

Hooked to coffee?

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