Green Corridor in India

Green corridor and its development in India as compared to developed countries.

The compelling reason of this write up is to highlight the importance of green corridor and how we are way behind the first world countries in making it successful.

We all know the Green Corridor is very crucial in our healthcare arena.  The Green Corridor in India is not that developed yet as compared to other developed countries, and the reasons are many for the same.  As much as it should be a vital part of our healthcare, we need to focus on its development such that organ donation and transportation is made easier, so as to reach the recipient on time and get benefitted by it.

Organ donation in itself is a challenging aspect in our country given that not many are aware of its importance, and for those who know its importance, may or may not give time and effort to follow it.  Green corridor which is created for easy transit of donated organs need to be free of traffic and we lack basic infrastructure to carry it out successfully.  We may not have sufficient or efficient manpower or enough ways (for example by air) to carry it out without hurdles.

As of today, we are one of the best in the field of medicine, but when compared to the western world with regards to Green Corridor, it does put us one step back with regards to its growth in healthcare.  Hence, there need to be more steps taken to improve this route, so as to help people who are in need of organs, and also the proper use of donated organs.

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