Glorifying a female’s pain is equal to enhance the pain.

Recently came across a few interactions, where found that women take special interest glorifying the pain, problems, difficulties a female goes through.

One of my knowns sent a message at a social site depicting some statistics, telling that labor pain is even more painful than the pain a person bears at the time of death. The same type of story came up with the fact that labor pain is similar to the pain when a person’s several bones break at a time.

It is fine to feel proud of oneself. But the hype is never desired. Menstruation, abortion, pelvic pain, labor pain, etc are today’s talk of the town. Everyone is talking about these problems. Those who are in no connection with these pains & problems are discussing the issues.

Differentiate between news & gossip

Whenever there is any horrible news that came up in limelight about rapes, acid attacks, honor killings, teasing, domestic violence, harassment, etc. The self-styled female regiments came forward & start shouting the strength, holy powers all the females possess. Unaware of the fact that these slogans are doing no good to the sufferings a woman goes through. In fact, when female strengths are sung a lot, the endurance power of females establish to some extend. The hype created around the women’s tolerance often invites troubles for them charged by social norms.

When people, especially women themself overestimate women’s endurance toward all types of pain. A formal norm develops into the society about female’s ability to bear the pain happily. It is our human tendency to consider statistics over the humanities. People having a mindset of using & abusing, take up these opportunities. Saying cut, slit, abuse, harras women & girls to any extent, they have got all the resilience. Females can bear the pain so give them the pain every possible way.

Non-demanding females are always in demand!

We see this pattern replicate itself in the commonly used Zulu phrase.

“Wathint’umfazi, wathint’imbokodo”

“You strike a woman, you strike a rock.”

By :Ponahalo. Mojapelo. September 21,(2019). A WOMAN IS NOT A ROCK : THE ROMANTICISING OF WOMEN SUFFERING.

Undoubtedly, the unjust attitude of the society towards the fairer sex needs to be addressed. Laws & legislations are implemented every now & then but still, women are not considered enough human. The over glorification of the trouble a female bound to receive, is responsible for this? Well. high time to think about it.

Females should better ask for their necessities

It is always better to place people, situations, things, etc according to their respective real designations. Shed the habit of telling stories out of context. Stop giving & receiving the honor. Honor is not going to ease any girls suffering when she is forced to behave the most perfect way. When girls are forbidden to shout at their pain because we have assumed collectively this wrong notion that females are here in this world for the purpose of receiving & gaining respect only.

Ask for the comfort instead of becoming a comfort-zone for others

The right to be known as an individual is unknown to most of the females. Females need to realize their wellbeing at first. Then only we can tell others to listen to the slogans often shouted in the name of women empowerment.

Anyone who considers self at first is not selfish. Girls at their initial years of growing up need to be told that there,s nothing wrong to ask for your needs, wants & comforts.

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